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YouTuber Bi Phakathi Hands Money, Food to a Boy on the Street; Video Goes Viral



Renowned YouTuber Bi Phakathi is known for his motivational and inspiring stories. People in South Africa have even dubbed this YouTuber Secret Santa. On his channel, Phakathi shares heartwarming videos that not only make you emotional but also teach you life lessons. One such video, recently shared by the YouTuber, has gone viral, generating a lot of public interest.

In the video, Phakathi is talking to a boy, who keeps the streets clean for a living. The boy named Rudy says that apart from picking up used cans and trash from the streets, he also cleans cars. Talking about why he does it, he says that his parents are estranged and that he lives with his father.

Rudy says that his father’s income is not enough and hence, he wants to earn something to help him. But since job opportunities are scarce due to the COVID19 pandemic, he has to resort to what he does for a living, buying food for himself and cigarettes for his father.

As the YouTuber continues to build up a conversation with Rudy, he gets to know that the boy earns less than $50 (₹3815). While in conversation with Rudy, Phakathi all of a sudden presents the boy with a bag containing food items and cans. Rudy seems to be overwhelmed with joy and has not even finished thanking Phakathi before he receives another pleasant shock.

Phakathi hands him 350 dollars and asks him to count. Even as he is counting, Phakathi hands him yet another bundle of notes which makes Rudy burst into tears. He repeatedly keeps thanking Phakathi for his kind gesture. The video ends after Phakathi consoles the crying Rudy and asks him to go home with the money and food.

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