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You Will Never Eat Squid Rings After Seeing This Viral Tweet, Details Here



The world is full of unique and lip-smacking cuisines and dishes coming from different nations and cultures.

Squid rings are a popular dish and it’s served in restaurants, mostly in coastal regions, across countries

The world is full of unique and lip-smacking cuisines and dishes coming from different nations and cultures. The list of global cuisines and dishes also includes a range of delectable seafood that is enjoyed by a large section of people across the world. Squid rings are one of such unique seafood, popular in many countries because of its crunchy taste. They are made from a deep water species called squid after cutting them in the shape of rings. Then it’s deep-fried after applying a coating of all-purpose flour along with spices.

Squid rings offer a crispy and crunchy texture and are served in a number of restaurants in coastal regions across the world. Recently there is a lot of news doing rounds on the internet that these squid rings are made of pig’s intestines. This has created uproar among the seafood lovers.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, there was a lot of news about this infection spreading through the meat of bats. While experts didn’t confirm this, individuals did stop eating exotic and unique meats. A lot of fake news was also being spread during the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2020.

Now a girl has shared a screenshot of a post on Twitter that was sent to her mother on WhatsApp. The post claims that delicious squid rings are made from the intestines of pigs.

According to the post, while individuals believe they are eating squid, in reality, they are consuming pigs. This post was shared by Twitter user @qeels88 with the caption, “Ridiculous news is being shared with my mother.”

The girl also shared the screenshot of the WhatsApp message in the post which shows frozen squid rings.

The Twitter post garnered millions of likes with many netizens sharing it. A lot of individuals also appealed to the girl to stop spreading fake news, while many netizens vowed not to eat squid rings in the future after seeing the post.

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