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World’s Longest Car Complete with Pool, Mini Golf Course Restored to Glory



An automobile marvel broke a 36-year-old record after being given the title of the world’s longest car. Interestingly, the previous record was also held by the same car. This is the story of ‘The American Dream.’ At 100 ft and 1.5 in, the car, on March 1, became the world’s longest car. The first time all 26 wheels of the car touched the tarmac was in 1986 when a famed car customizer Jay Ohrberg created this wonder car and first measured its length at 18.28 meters. Jay then extended the car to 30.5 meters (100ft) etching The American Dream in the Guinness World Records. The car was powered by a pair of V8s and was the epitome of extravagance and luxury.

However, like every star that gradually loses its fame-like light, The American Dream, lived through its heydays before finding itself rusting at the back of a warehouse in New Jersey. The rust had shadowed the glamour the car once used to enjoy. The car was discovered in this condition by Michael Manning, owner of a technical teaching museum called Autoseum, who decided to give back the glory of the 26-wheeled car.

The car was meticulously restored by Manning, in collaboration with Michael Dezer, owner of Dezerland Park Car Museum and Tourist Attraction. On March 1, 2022, the car was finally restored and reinstated as the world’s longest car.

The car is loaded with amenities such as a swimming pool, bathtub, jacuzzi, mini-golf course, telephones, TV, refrigerator, etc. Another astounding amenity in The American Dream is a Helipad. Yes, you can land a Helicopter on this wonderful car. Manning, while receiving the recognition of his efforts by Guinness World Records, said, “I feel an attachment to it. Everybody thought that I was out of my mind for wanting to restore it, but I had a vision.”

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