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‘Wordle 265 X’ Has Made Puzzled Players Lose their Winning Streak. Did You Get it?



Wordle ‘265 X’ is trending on Twitter after players posted their frustration over guessing the Wordle of the day. They described how they got the word after multiple tries and a few could not guess it at all. They were dismayed to lose their winning streak and felt ‘betrayed’. However, a few who managed to guess the word did not forget to flex their scorecards.

“Wordle 265 X is trending… that consoles me a bit since I got the damn word in the 6th try….”

“I’m not getting out of bed today.”

“ain’t no way this how a 60-day streak ends.”

“i am never going to recover from this.”

“Wordle 265 X/6 Sod off, Wordle. Infuriating.”

“me seeing Wordle 265 X trending when i got the answer right.”

“Wordle 265 X/6. My first loss. There are at least seven words with the same four last letters…”

“Lord please forgive me as I am an incompetent man. I am not worthy of your love and blessedness.”

“#Wordle265 15 STREAK GONE! Good luck in losing if you didn’t get first letter correct. Literally I see over 4 words having same 2,3,4,5 letters. Wordle 265 X/6″

Wordle, the word-guessing game has taken over the Internet as people vie against each other to get to the one correct answer. Perhaps, part of its popularity is owed to the fact that it’s more of a brainteaser than a test of vocabulary – the word could be something like ‘gorge’- unlike your regular newspaper crossword which may or may not combine both depending on the difficulty level. Rest assured, though, Wordle is no easy feat. The secret word could be anything within the English lexicon. Also, it’s not like other online brainteasers that would have you navigate through a never-ending vortex of levels. There’s only one Wordle per day, consisting of five letters and you have six tries to guess it. After each guess, the colour of the tiles containing the letters will change to indicate how close you were.

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