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Woman Pleasantly Shocked to Find that her Cab Driver is Uber India Chief, Read Viral Post



A usual Uber ride for some people turned into a memorable moment when they found Uber’s President of India and South Asia, Prabhjeet Singh, driving the cab.

Among the people who were amazed with the rare gesture by Singh, was Ananya Dwivedi who shared her experience in a LinkedIn post. “Luck doesn’t strike you while sitting at home, alone,” wrote Ananya.

While sharing a selfie with Singh from the cab, Ananya explained that she had stepped out of her house after a long to resume working from office. “And guess who was driving the car,” Ananya added while revealing that Prabhjeet Singh was at the wheel.

Further, Ananya also shared that Singh was driving the cab himself as part of his “primary research.” According to her, she was a bit skeptical at first after spotting Singh and then Googled his name. It was only after she matched Singh’s face on the internet that she could believe her eyes. “The serendipity is real,” Ananya added.

Moved by the efforts put in by Singh to understand issues on ground, Ananya applauded his grit and humility “to get to the roots of the problems like this.”

Ananya’s post soon went viral and garnered more than 5,000 likes on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, users in the comment section drew inspiration from the Chief and praised him for his unique approach to solving problems.

Another person who witnessed Singh ferrying passengers in the cab was Sourabh Kumar Verma who too shared a post on LinkedIn detailing the experience. Sourabh wrote that Singh wanted to understand his customers better and thus chose to drive the cab on his own. He further appreciated Singh for his method of getting to the ground and said it made him feel more valued and safe.

Notably, Prabhjeet Singh made the day of one more Uber user Madhuvanthi Sundarajan who shared a similar experience as Ananya and Sourabh. As per Madhuvanthi’s LinkedIn post, Singh greeted her as she sat in the cab and told that she was his first passenger for the day.

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