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Woman is Only Passenger On Plane. This is How Crew Made it Memorable For Her

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If you wish to enjoy the luxury of being being able to fly on a world’s fastest private jet, the only way is to buy one for yourself, hence the pleasure is only reserved for a few. However, a woman found herself all alone in a flight and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A video of her amazing experience has left many jealous. Freelance photographer Aurora Torres found a Widerøe plane all to herself. Seeing that there was no one else on the flight, the crew of the Norwegian airline asked her if she would like to sit in the front. And how could one turn down the offer?

To capture this rare moment, Torres documented everything on her phone and shared a stunning montage of the memorable flight on Instagram. In an Reels, the 21-year-old showed not only the empty seats of the plane but also offered her followers a view of the pilots preparing to fly the plane. If you are also getting jealous, hold on to it as Torres herself got to the cockpit and experienced the spectacular view first-hand. Towards the end of the video, the crew was seen waving her goodbye after the special flight.

“When you’re the only passenger, and the flight attendant ask if you want to sit in the front, 10/10 experience,” she wrote, tagging the Nordic airline company. Widerøe also shared Torres’ video on its official channels and captioned it, “Our type first class.”

It is obvious that people were inquisitive to know how she managed this amazing feat, but there were some who even suggested that the video is staged. Torres clarified that it is “real” even though it’s hard to believe. The photographer by profession shared that she got the news when she was boarding, that she was the only passenger. Torres added that the crew wanted to do something special, hence they allowed her to join the pilots in the cockpit for the last 30 minutes, plus landing in the 50-minute flight.

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