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Woman Comes Up With Genius Hack After Boss Steals Credit for Her Work



In work life, many people face the problem of their boss stealing the credit for the hard work they have put in. However, a woman named Cristina Sevceno found the best way to get the attribution she deserved for the work she did for her company. When the 25-year-old woman got to know that her work is being presented without any credit to her, she started adding hidden signatures to her presentations. Smart, isn’t it? Employees work round the clock to bring out their best work. However, if someone takes all the credit for the work, it breaks their heart. The same happened with Cristina. Cristina posted a video on her TikTok handle recalling how she added digital signatures on her presentations so that her boss doesn’t steal them.

In the video, Cristina revealed that during her first job in 2019, she was passing by a room and noticed that her manager was presenting a presentation she made. Not just this, her manager didn’t even bother to attribute it to Cristina. This left her heartbroken because she put did a lot of work on the presentation and spent hours finding the valuable insights to add to it. When it passed to her manager’s name, she was left with nothing.

Talking to BuzzFeed, Cristina said, “Although my manager once told me that I would rarely be the one presenting my work for the higher management, she never told me that they wouldn’t even bother to change anything in the presentation but my name.”

According to the report of TimesNow, she took the matter to her boss who gave no positive response on it. She decided to play smart and added a digital signature to her work. The hidden signature worked in a manner that whenever someone would download the presentation, they will see a watermark of Cristina’s name on the presentation. However, Cristina still wanted some clarity on the attribution system and confronted her boss about the same which led to her replacement.

After the video went viral, many people asked Cristina to share the tutorial on adding the hidden signature so that they can also get some help from it.

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