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Why SIM Cards Come in Unique Shape. All you Need to Know



Is there anything even possible without a mobile phone today? While the usage of feature phones was only limited to making calls and text messages once, today smartphones are used for a plethora of purposes.

One can make video calls, watch live TV, movies, songs, and much more on a smartphone with the internet. A SIM card forms a pivotal component of smartphones, allowing a user to connect to a cellular network for calls, messages, and the internet.

A few years ago CDMA phones did not require a SIM card as they were linked to a single career. SIM cards became popular as more GSM telecom operators entered the market.

You must have also noticed that SIM cards come in a unique shape. The distinctive shape makes it easy to insert and remove it from the SIM card slot.

Previously SIM cards used to come in a rectangular shape which made it difficult for users to install and remove them. The users often got confused regarding the alignment of the SIM card.

The network providers then decided to offer a different design of SIM cards to address this problem. Apart from the SIM, the design of the slot in which the SIM is installed in the phone has also been reshaped.

The new slots offer a convenient SIM installation experience and provide ample space with which users can easily remove the SIM cards. Handsets today also have a mark that indicates the side from which the SIM card should be inserted.

A SIM card is an electronic chip with memory and a microcontroller. The card stores your contacts and measures 15mm in length, 25 mm in width, and 0.76 mm in thickness.

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