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Who is This Malaysian Woman in Pictures Pushing 4 Cylinders in One go?

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Khairu’s husband was a truck driver.

Khairu has become an expert at her work and can deliver up to 100 cylinders in a day.

Pictures of a Malaysian widow pushing four cylinders in one go surfaced online recently and left the netizens in shock and awe of the woman. Thirty-year-old Khairu Neesa lives in Malaysia’s Terengganu. To people’s astonishment, Khairu Neesa could move four cylinders with ease.

And while Khairu is getting a lot of praise on the internet, there is a heart-breaking story that forced her to work as a gas cylinder supplier.

Khairu’s husband was a truck driver. She became a cylinder supplier after he passed away. Khairu works hard to earn just enough to take care of her mother in law. Khairu’s story has prompted many people to step forward and help her.

Gas cylinder supplying is considered typically a male-dominated profession. Initially, when Khairu started working, she was made fun of. Gradually, she became accustomed to all these things and carried on with her work.

Last year, her company faced a shortage of manpower. The workload on existing employees increased. Khairu took it sportingly and started lifting up to 7 gas cylinders. Now, Khairu has become an expert at her work. She can deliver 60 to 100 gas cylinders every day. She doesn’t care what people say about her.

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