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What Skills Needed To Become A Product Designer


Product Design is a process that involves imagining and crafting of products and services that address certain problems or answer apparent needs as well as needs that haven’t been identified as yet. For a successful product design, a product designer must have an understanding about the end-user for whom the product is being created, his habits, preferences, wants, behaviour, frustrations, and needs, etc.

Moreover, the product designer is also responsible for redesigning of an existing product so as to:

  • Enhance its functionality
  • Improve user experience
  • Make it economically more viable. Alternatively making it extravagant

Product Design is not only about what users see, but it also involves the immaculate working of behind-the-scenes components that ensures the proper interface of the product by the consumer.

Skills, you will need:

  • Technical knowledge: You must have an understanding of UI/UX design with competencies in wire-framing, prototyping, and its tools including Framer, Principle or Figma, and even testing of product features along with three-dimensional conceptual ability and CAD.
  • You must be adept in analyzing as well as conducting research so as to understand the market, the customer, his preferences, his habits, his desires, his wishes, etc.
  • Must have the creative ability so as identify the opportunities and come up with unique concepts that offer solutions in response to these opportunities
  • Hands-on approach with problem-solving capability: You must have the empathy to work towards solving problems and in the process identifying a solution that will not only satisfy his want but also earn profits
  • Visual and spatial awareness
  • Awareness about financials so as to not only manage budgets but also identify the price point at which to position the product so as to make the maximum profits.
  • You must have knowledge of industrial processes, varied materials, techniques, technologies as well as standards
  • Listening, communication, networking, and customer service skills: You must be a good listener in order to hear and identify the problems or inherent as well as hidden needs. Communication & networking skills are required to explain as well as sell the concept to the stakeholders. Customer service skills are required to analyze the user experience and provide a solution to customer issues if any-going even as far as to identify the modifications, such that the customer has an enlightening experience with the product.
  • The capability of time management in addition to coping with the pressure
  • Maintaining a positive working relationship and to delegate work by sharing apt information with others
  • Determination, self-belief, and courage to achieve a result.
  • Ability to self motivate when things don’t go as per plan
  • Must have the vision to see the bigger picture and execute your plans
  • Product Design certification


Product Design Course:

Many colleges offer Product Design course certification, however, while identifying the ideal college, you should deliberate on the following:

  • The curriculum must offer knowledge to students about ways to balance aesthetics, experience, functionality as well as unique thinking
  • College must offer competencies in Interactive sensor based & IOT enabled products, product designing for Consumer Durables, Consumer Electronics, Medical & Healthcare products, disruptive innovative products & services, and even digital products comprising of apps, websites, etc.
  • College must inspire students for hands-on learning through the state-of-the-art studios to facilitate mechanical & digital prototyping of their concepts
  • Ensure exposure through user research, industry visits, internships as well as interactions with industry stalwarts


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