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What is Microsoft Viva Sales & How Can It Be Used?

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As the world’s leading software company, Microsoft is no stranger to the world of sales. In fact, the company has a long history of helping businesses close deals and increase their sales. Microsoft Viva is the latest addition to the company’s sales enablement platform. If you’d be interested in finding out how Microsoft Viva Sales is making an impact in businesses around the globe then keep reading. 

Microsoft Viva is a new employee experience platform that integrates with Microsoft 365 to help employees stay connected and engaged. It includes four modules: Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Insights, and Viva Learning. Viva Connections is an employee directory and social news feed. Viva Topics helps employees find and follow content that is relevant to them. For companies who are new to Viva or Microsoft in general, having an IT Support Company who can help guide you and navigate you on your technological journey is a good idea.

Viva Insights uses Microsoft 365 data to provide personalized recommendations and coaching to employees. Viva Learning provides a central place for employees to find and recommend learning content.

Viva is a sales enablement platform that helps businesses close deals and increase sales. The platform is designed to help businesses manage their sales processes, close deals faster, and increase their sales. The platform includes a number of features that help businesses close deals and increase sales. The platform includes a CRM, a sales management tool, a sales enablement tool, and a number of other features – it is one of the most advanced and beneficial, while still being user-friendly, platforms available on the market today.

The CRM helps businesses manage their customer relationships. The sales management tool helps businesses manage their sales processes. The sales enablement tool helps businesses close deals faster. The platform also includes a number of other features that help businesses close deals and increase sales. The platform includes a number of templates, a number of reports, and a number of other features. The platform is designed to help businesses close deals and increase sales. The platform is available now and is priced at $9 per month.

Do you know about Microsoft Partners? Having a Microsoft Partner that helps you to ensure you are using the right Microsoft products and also helping you save money on licenses is a great way for businesses to make sure they have the right technology and tools on their side. As an example, if your business operates in London then you would benefit from the services of IT Support in London to guide and manage your business’s network and IT infrastructure while also providing you with support and training for Microsoft tools and products that your teams and business make use of. 

We got in touch with one of the top IT Support Providers in London and Microsoft Solutions Partners, TechQuarters, to find out what they thought of Microsoft Viva. As an IT Company who provide specialised  Small Business IT Support London Solutions, they noted that many small and medium sales teams tend to thrive when they use Microsoft Viva Sales processes and suggestions. It really does have a genuine impact on the productivity and success of your sales teams. 

The Microsoft Partner Network is a global community of companies that build, sell, or service products and solutions based on Microsoft technologies. The Microsoft Partner Network helps partners build and showcase their expertise, differentiate their business in the marketplace, and connect with customers around the world. The Microsoft Partner Network is designed to help partners succeed in today’s business environment. The network provides a wealth of resources to help partners keep their technical skills up to date, build their business, and connect with customers.

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