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What is Creatine and Who Should Use it ?

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Body needs various factors for overall health and wellness. Some of the factors are environment, habits, sleep, lifestyle, and others. Most important of those factors are training and nourishment. 

With an intense workout, we need a proper nourishment that ensures our overall health and wellness. Firstly, people try to get nourishment from natural sources, including eggs, milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, and others. 

All these are excellent sources of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, creatine,  amino acids, nitric acids, and many other vital nutrients. However, because of many reasons, people are unable to get nutrients from them on a regular basis. 

This is a reason why people in intense workout prefer supplements along with the natural sources of nutrients for proper nourishment. Some of the most renowned supplements are protein, especially whey and isolates, BCAAs, Creatine, and others. 

Many people know about the benefits of proteins and BCAAs, but only some of them know about creatine. The article exposes the benefits of creatine and who should take it. 

Benefits of Creatine:

For natural production of creatine in the muscles, the body needs amino acids like glycine, arginine, and methionine. In addition to that it requires enzymes like GAA, GAMT, AGAT, and many more. Together they have several benefits to the body. 

  • Gym goers take it for improving gym performance. In high intensity workout it supports ATP which is a key energy unit in the body. 
  • It takes care of the hydration in the body as it lifts the water level in the cells and plays an important role in muscle development.
  • Effective in repairing muscles fastly that is the cause of improved muscle growth.
  • A good level of creatine in muscles helps in reducing protein breakdown that nourishes muscles and improves total muscle mass. 
  • It is very helpful in increasing anabolic hormones in the body that increases physical activity and keeps you motivated for workout.
  • A good level of creatine is helpful in improving several medical conditions, including Parknson’s disease, Ischemic stroke, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Brain or spinal cord injuries, and many more. Also improves memory and brain functions in adults.
  • Very helpful in treating non- alcoholic fatty liver disease and lowering blood sugar levels in the body. 

Who needs creatine?

Creatine is very effective for muscle development. It improves blood flow, athletic performance, strength, and brain activity. But creatine is found in the muscles naturally. So, you need not to take much care of it unless you are in an intense workout or sedentary lifestyle. Intense workout requires energy. Creatine helps muscle with ATP production that reduces its level in the body. On the other hand in a sedentary lifestyle, muscles get weaker in absence of required physical activity.Therefore, every individual needs it as per their requirement.


Though you can get high sources of creatine from eggs, pumpkin seeds, sesame, cheese, milk, tuna, merkel, herring,  chicken, red meat, deer, mutton, and others, supplements are the easiest way to get them in sufficient amounts. Choose the supplement only from the leading brand to avoid fraudelity. 

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