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What Are Free Consultations with Lawyers Like?


Speaking to a lawyer is one of the most important parts of any lawsuit.  Not only does it allow you to explain your case from your point of view, but it also helps you find a professional who will support you and show the courts that you’re in the right.


These are the events that happen during a consultation and why it matters so much that you talk to a lawyer before anything else.


In the introduction, you’ll get to know your lawyer and let them know the reason you need one.  They may introduce themselves through what they’ve done in their career, what school they went to, and how long they’ve been practicing.  It’s good to get to know any lawyers’ track record since it may reflect how your case pans out.

Discussing Your Case

In this step, you’ll tell your personal injury lawyer what happened.  Start from the events you believe led up to the incident, then go over the incident itself, and follow with any fallout that’s occurred since.  This can be draining to do, especially if you experienced something traumatic, but it’s a vital part of getting your case through and clearly understood by the professional you’re working with.

Them Asking Questions

The attorney you’re consulting will undoubtedly have some questions.  You may feel like they’re playing devil’s advocate here and picking apart your story, but what they’re doing is treating your case how the opposition would.  Answer honestly and patiently, and listen to any tips they give you as you do.  


If they like your answers, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Them Giving You A Case Outlook

At this point, your lawyer will go over whether or not they think your case can be a success.  This will offer you the opportunity to learn what they think and to take in any valuable insight they can offer you.


If they feel like your case is a great win, they may offer to represent you in court with no loss to you unless you win, or they’ll discuss their payment terms.  Although this can feel scary to listen to, especially if it’s expensive, it’s important that you pay attention to the numbers and to what you agree to.

Your Feelings on the Lawyer

You don’t immediately have to say yes or no after the consultation.  Instead, you can take your time and carefully consider your options.  Let them know if you’re going to talk to other lawyers, but be aware that some may only offer to cover you for no risk upfront for a short period of time.  They have other clients to take care of and can’t spend their entire work week chasing down leads.  


If you hire someone else, let these lawyers know, and if you decide to go with a lawyer: let them know immediately.  This will ensure you have them locked in and that they don’t take on another client when they could be helping you.

Every Attorney is Different

Regardless of how many attorneys you speak with, you might still find one that’s different and surprises you.  Every lawyer brings different experiences and skills to the table, don’t be afraid to go to multiple consultations.

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