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Want to gift your fashionista friend a wallet? Here’s how you can buy the perfect one in 2021



If you have been pondering on what type of wallet would be liked by your friend then there are some of the key things that have to be kept in mind while buying it. Stashing the essentials is not the only thing that a wallet does, but it also reflects on the style statement and the personality of the person carrying it. So, get hold of the tips that would help you to zero in on a particular type of wallet to gift it to your friend. 


Handy and classy zip wallet

To stack up the essential things in the wallet this is the best of the kind, which is capable to hold all in one. One in all means that the necessary items and other essentials such as cards, coins, cash, and photographs can be put inside it. It is available in varying sizes, which can be also carried on hand or could be toss inside a handbag. This zip pencil box size bag is available in varying colours. You may choose from neutral to jet blacks to mint colours, so that your friend may flaunt it in front of others. 


Wallets for holding cards

If your friend holds a lot of cards and requires to hold it wherever she goes, then choose the wallet with multiple cards holding sections. These wallets have enough rooms for cards and a separate section for cash. In fact, at times, these wallets are also available with multiple zipper sections. Apart from the multiple cards holding facility and zipper sections, these wallets are available in tantalizing bright colours. 


Clutch to store it all

If your bestie likes to store small makeup stuff, then, you should definitely go for clutch bags easily available at as they hold enough space for makeup kits. The clutches are available in the strap as well so, that the person can easily carry it anywhere. Such wristlet wallets hold enough space for coins and money along with card holding sections stacked on the sides of the wallet. The wallet has a sleek design and usually comes in durable leather which gives a sophisticated look when carried with grace and style. 


Wallets for minimalist

If your friend loves to carry small and subtle bags and hates clutches, then you can buy her a wallet with minimalist space which would have enough space to hold money and few cards. At times, girls don’t like having a lot of things stacked inside their wallet.  The slim and sturdy wallet is appropriate for the ones who love sticking to minimal stuff. 


Travel addict

The ones who always travel and love hitting the road should have their essentials safe inside a pliable and durable wallet. If your friend is one of those then you may choose to gift her a funky wallet with different designs and colours. This wallet will speak volume for them, reflecting their personality and style. 


No matter what type of wallet you would gift to your fashionista friend just make sure that the quality and the material of the wallet is from the best wallets brands in India. You won’t get disappointed by the quality of the wallet. 


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