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Video of Man Offering Water to Snake Leaves Netizens Shocked but Impressed



A video of a man feeding water to a snake has gone viral on Twitter. While snakes are considered deadly creatures, and many of us are afraid of them, this person showed no evidence of fear and went ahead to aid the snake. His generosity is now capturing the hearts of netizens.

The clip was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda. Along with it, he added the caption, “Summer is approaching. Your little drops can save someone’s life. Leave some water in your garden in a container for that can mean a choice between life & death for many animals.”

The viral video shows Nanda carefully pouring water from a bottle on his palms and helping the reptile. The thirsty snake is seen quietly gulping the water.

While the video gave many shivers, several people praised the man for his brave and generous deed. A user stated that this was the first time he had seen a snake gulping water.

Since being shared, the video collected 14,000 views. It has garnered over 1600 likes.

This is not the first time that Nanda has shown such an act of humanity. In 2018, a video of Nanda giving water to a cobra surfaced for the first time. In 2021, the same old video again went crazy viral on Twitter.

“Love & water… Two best ingredients of life,” wrote IFS Susanta Nanda while sharing the clip on Twitter.

In the past, the IFS officer has also posted about animal cruelty. In this video, a man was seen beating the cow with a stick. In, response, the cow kicks the man in his chest.

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