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Video of ‘Laddoo Shake’ Goes Viral on Instagram and Internet Can’t Even



Not much time has passed ever since the bizarre food combinations took over the internet, leaving netizens disgusted. After a halt, the trend is back in the game and this time your favourite ladoos are at stake. We are sure that laddoos and milkshakes have their respective fan base but how many are actually up for trying a combination of the two – laddoo shake. A food blogger who goes by the name foodie blest on Instagram shared a clip that featured a food vendor making a laddoo shake. In the video, the vendor is seen crushing two besan laddoos in a mixer, he next puts in two more laddoos: boondi laddoo, and motichoor ladoo. Next, he adds some crushed sugar, milk, and to top it all, a scoop of ice cream, which appears to be vanilla. He closes the lid and grinds it and pours it out in a glass. In the end, he tops the milkshake with a crushed besan ladoo.

Posting the video, the food blogger asked netizens about their opinion on the food experiment. Well, naturally the internet went berserk. Though a couple of users were impressed with the combination, the majority voted out the laddoo shake. “Bhagwan maaf nhi karega (God will not forgive you),” a user wrote in the comment section of the video, while another said, “Bhai kya kar rahe ho, band karo yeah sab (Brother, what are you doing, just shut all this down).” “Yeh atyachaar hai dekhne walo par (This is torturous for the viewers),” a third commented. So far, the video has racked up over 451k views, over 7,000 likes, and 300 plus comments.

Previously, the same food blogger had shared the weird dish which combined ice cream and Maggie, hence the name ice cream Maggie roll.

Will you try the laddoo shake?

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