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Vein Treatment Center In Miami

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Are you looking for a vein clinic near me to treat varicose or spider veins? The veins are prominent. Varicose veins and spider veins are the most common chronic venous diseases. 

Venous diseases initially cause hardly any symptoms. Veins that are no longer intact cannot transport blood to the heart, leading to blood congestion. In this case, immediately book your appointment at the miami vein center

For medical expertise at the miami vein clinic in Florida, call now! 

Discover vein disease and what else you can do at a vein clinic near me. Most often, these diseases affect the leg veins since the blood has to flow against gravity, and venous valves ensure it cannot flow back again. Every second woman and every third man suffers from common varicose and spider veins. Any skin or vein change should be checked by a specialist at the miami vein center to prevent complications such as thrombosis, phlebitis or – if thrombosis is not treated – a pulmonary embolism.

What are venous diseases?

The term “venous disease” describes two different types of symptoms:

Acute forms: phlebitis, thrombosis

Chronic forms: varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency


  • Causes/Symptoms:
  • Tired, heavy legs
  • Signs include discoloration of the skin, pain, swelling

Get clinical examination “visual diagnosis” at the miami vein center.

A pulmonary embolism that is not treated or treated too late can lead to death. A detailed doctor-patient discussion (anamnesis) precedes an imaging diagnosis. In it, the doctor at the miami vein clinic asks for criteria such as:

  • Age, height and weight of the person concerned
  • Occupational situation (standing or sitting for a long time)
  • Nutrition
  • Sports
  • Previous illnesses (phlebitis, thrombosis)
  • Family diseases (thrombosis, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Medication
  • Pregnancies

Ultrasound Doppler examination: this painless ultrasound examination shows whether the venous valves are intact. The impulses are recorded as curves on the screen.

Duplex ultrasound examination (color duplex sonography): With the help of an ultrasound probe, the affected person’s veins are displayed on a screen using computer processes. The examination is painless and shows the course of the veins and the blood flow in color.

Light reflection rheography (LRR) or photoplethysmography (PPG): to measure the blood volume, part of the affected skin tissue is illuminated with infrared light while the affected person moves their legs. The red blood pigment haemoglobin absorbs light and makes it possible to show which vein areas fill with blood and empty again. This painless examination shows which veins are functional and which are impaired.

Venous X-ray (phlebography) and venous pressure measurement: this rather painful puncture or contrast medium examination is currently hardly used. The doctor orients himself in the diagnostics on the above methods.

Doctors at the miami vein center make a distinction in the case of varicose veins:

Small varicose (spider veins, reticular)

Large varicose veins (stem varicose veins, side branch varicose veins)

Causes of varicose veins:

  • Genetic disposition
  • Lack of exercise (standing, sitting occupations)
  • Pregnancy (due to the increased physical stress and increased blood volume)
  • Hormones (the pill): estrogen has a venous dilating effect, whereas progestin and progesterone have a venous constricting effect
  • Overweight

Why choose Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) at the miami vein center?

In EVLT, tumescent anaesthesia (a form of local anaesthesia) is used to vein puncture under ultrasound control. The laser fibre, with the help of a catheter or lock system, is placed and the vein is sealed. There are different laser wavelengths, and additional treatment protocols are available. An energy density of about 10 J per mm of vein diameter is safe. Compared to surgery, the advantage of this procedure at the miami vein center is that it is less invasive and associated with low perioperative discomfort. 

Schedule an appointment at miami vein center today! 

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