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Using Call Center Software to Manage Clientele And Customer Data


Open Source Call Center Software is the most cost effective solution to the present day call center operations. Nowadays most call centers use a hosted PBX service for interoffice communication. Call center software is a must for all the call centers. Here are some features of open source call center software:

Virtual Private IP Address

This is the most significant feature of open source call center software. The Virtual Private IP address is unique to your company. It is different from one business to another. Thus you can easily adapt the Virtual Private IP to your own requirements. Also it is the backbone of VoIP services.

Predictive Dialing

This is one of the major features of this software which helps the agents to predict who will pick up the phone. The system detects the number of last dialed numbers and then dials randomly. This system uses two numbers as the source number and the target number. It also captures the first number in the call history.


The recording feature of the open source call center software allows the users to capture the session live. Voice messages are also sent in text format. The recording feature provides the users with the option of making voice recordings as well as video conference calls. There are options such as rolling calls, simultaneous ringing etc. There are certain servers which allow to record from certain locations.

Contact Support

Most businesses show their contact details on the web and it is very important for them to get the accurate contact details. The business center software solution provides the necessary facilities to get the contact details such as e-mail id, telephone number and physical address. There is preview option for the customers to view the details before sending them the message or calling them. The preview option saves the caller’s time and helps him to know about the features of the software before contacting a customer.

Extended Accuracy

With the help of this feature the call center software provides the estimated reading time and correct phone numbers. With the help of the estimated reading time the agent can easily estimate the number of minutes and the estimated reading time helps in remembering the exact time that the customer has spent on any particular call. Also with the help of this feature customers can track the duration of their calls. The duration tracking option is available since the customers have to enter the time they spent on any particular call. The customer can also track the call length. There is preview option available for the customers which allow them to track the amount of talk time before they press send on the call.

Phone Number Show Details

The customers can directly get the phone numbers. The contact information can be got from the website. The customers can search for the number, specify the city and state and get the details. The phone number show details option allows the customer to track the calls which are made and received from particular phone number. With this facility a customer can track the calls which originated from particular mobile phone number. This option is available since the customers can find out the name of the caller and other details of the caller using this facility.

Open source software like Call Center Pro or CRMbitrix 24 offers several solutions for small businesses. With this software a company can have a more organized work process and a better workflow. The entire system works through a web interface and this enables the client to view the reports from anywhere he likes. The CRMbitrix 24 also provides support for the Microsoft Dynamics GP or Great Plains Dynamics GP and the Oracle Business Solutions 8.5.

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