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US To Witness Record 26 Lakh Marriages After 38 Years

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For the past two years, Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of people across the globe and many postponed their marriage plans due to the restrictions. Many even had to cancel their weddings. Their dream of a grand celebration for this day with family and friends could not materialise.

Now, as the pandemic situation is gradually improving across countries, those who are going to get married are all set for a lavish celebration. The United States is going to witness 26 lakh weddings this year breaking the 38 year old record of maximum number of weddings in a year. In 1984, over 26 lakh weddings were held for the last time.

Normally, weddings are held in the US on weekends but this time most of the marriage ceremonies will also be organised in week days. According to a survey done by one online wedding planner company, of the dates of 3300 weddings, it was observed that marriages on working days have increased by 11 percent. People were a bit hesitant initially to organise weddings on working days.

Last year in India, an estimated 25 lakh weddings took place between 14 November and 13 December. According to the apex trader’s body, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), these weddings generated a business worth 3 Lakh crore. In these 25 lakh weddings, an estimated 1.5 Lakh weddings were held in Delhi creating a business worth Rs 50 crore.

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