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Most Truthful Zodiac Sign: Ranked From Most To Least


There are multiple dimensions that one needs to look after when it comes to trust. If you are here to find out which zodiac signs are honest to you and which might stab you in the back, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the zodiac signs that can keep your secret. Besides who you can rely on, you must be curious to know where you rely upon when it comes to trust. You can also contact a reputed astrologer in New York to know more about your zodiac sign and horoscope chart. 


Virgos are considered the most honest and reliable people on the trustworthiness list. These people have detail-oriented minds that make them stick to their people and punctuality. This trait helps them remember everything you share that makes them best at giving advice. They are highly thoughtful and always going to share the truth. However, they are blunt, and sometimes it can be hurtful. Hence, it is better to have a clear picture than to hurt yourself. 


Taurus is also ranked high on the scale of loyalty and keeping secrets. This natural quality keeps them reliable, stable, grounded, and practical. Experts say they are the rock of a relationship, be it with family or friends. However, they are always in the corner, but they cannot always be the best communicators in the room. 


People who are born as Aquarius are trustworthy and highly objective. Trust is a matter of fact but not morality when it comes to them. People can highly relate to them, but connecting emotionally on the same level can be difficult to acquire. However, the sign may not lie to you, but they can face a tough time understanding personal matters. Hence, you should consider what you want to share with them. 


Cancer is one of the most caring and loving signs that can be trusted at the time of need. They are also said to be the homemakers of the zodiac signs. They can be the best shoulders to cry on, who will be there to support you in your worst times. However, they are a little low when it comes to communication. 


Scorpio is a reserved sign, but it does not mean they have any bad intentions. Astrologers say that they never wear their hearts on their sleeves. These people are water signs, and one needs to be intuitive because they are highly private when it comes to life and people. Nonetheless, a Scorpio would not be the first person to give you advice or help you make a decision, but once you make a place in their heart, they will be the most loyal people you will come across. 


Leo people love deeply, and it is one of the significant reasons they are the most loyal ones. They are hopelessly romantic and love sweet gestures. There is no one more affectionate and connected in all the zodiac signs like Leo. Although, they are also dramatic and considered the zodiac signs’ actors. Sometimes they exaggerate things with a pinch of salt. So, you should be careful about what you share with them. 


Sagittarius people are great friends who will be frank, but they are not always good when giving advice. Sometimes they become dominant, and other times they distance themselves. However, you can run out to them for honest advice if they are close.  


Aries is one of those signs who are honest and trustworthy based on the situations. Sometimes they are honest, but not always might be there for you. If you think trustworthiness is reliability and punctuality, they come down on the list. So, when it comes to sharing your secrets, understand the situation and trust your gut. 


Pisces are the most emotional signs, who are also considered daydreamers. When it comes to reliability and dependability, they are not always where they need to be. However, when it comes to loyalty, they will always be there for you to hear you out.  


Capricorn is the sign that they will do best for themselves in any situation. It does not mean that they are not honest, but they are different. They are highly trustable when it comes to long-term relationships and friendships. However, they can put themselves up before the other person. So, be aware of what you share with them. 


Libra is an open sign that follows balance and fairness but does not have the quality behind trustworthiness. These people see the situation from both sides and are always going to ask people for their opinions. However, it becomes difficult to figure out who they trust. 


Gemini has the reputation of being the least trustworthy sign in the zodiac signs. These people have two sides: they show to people, and second they keep to themselves. It is one of the reasons why they are called Twins, as they are two-faced. It is their need and love that makes them less reliable. So, be careful about what you share! 


Now you know the most truthful to least truthful zodiac signs. However, if you wish to know more about your zodiac sign, you can reach out to the best astrologer in California.

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