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Tips And Tricks For Doing Your Laundry

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If someone told me that I had the choice to give up one chore for the rest of my life, it would probably be doing laundry. Unfortunately, like most of us, I don’t have that luxury. If you want to look presentable and clean, then you need to learn how to do your laundry properly. Here’s my ultimate list of tips for doing the laundry.

Some Things Need To Be Soaked Beforehand

Tougher stains need special measures. Pre-soaking helps you do your laundry much better, even if you’re only soaking them in plain detergent. For this you might want to get yourself the best utility sink for laundry room settings, but some people use a small tub instead. You may also want to spray on a stain remover or try scrubbing the stain out using a toothbrush. 

Separating Laundry Is No Joke

The red sock that slips between your whites is such a stereotypical mistake that people make when they’re doing laundry but it is still very common. Not only should you be separating your laundry based on color, but you may also  want to separate away your delicates. Note that some items may need to be hand washed and shouldn’t be put into your washer at all. 

Pay Attention To Labels

The labels on your clothes are there for a reason. You need to familiarize yourself with the basic laundry icons that you’d find on them. From the label  you can learn what temperature you can wash your clothes at, how is the best way to dry them (tumble dry, spin dry, hang, etc), or even how to iron the clothing item. Sticking to these guidelines will help keep your clothes in better condition and so you can keep them for longer. 

Have A System In Place

Like anything else in life, the key to getting your laundry done in the best way possible is to have a system in place. Many people neglect to do their laundry for too long, and then end up just throwing everything together at the fastest cycle. That’s how everything gets relatively clean but will have a vague gray-ish color. For some, they prefer to do all their laundry in one day. Others prefer to do their whites on one day and other loads on other days. It all depends on how much laundry you are doing regularly, and how much time you can set aside to do it. 

Stain Removal Tips

Most stains can be removed using a commercial grade stain remover, hydrogen peroxide, or soaking. Make sure you don’t expose the stain to any heat (whether in the dryer or by hot water) because more often than not, the heat will set the stain rather than remove it. For oil stains, you may not want to get the clothes wet before using cornstarch or baby powder to absorb the oil first. With more difficult stains you may want to research specific methods on how to remove it. Scrubbing the stain by hand is often much better than using the washer. 

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