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This Australian Restaurant Serving Cheese on a Conveyor Belt is Every Turophile’s Dream



All the cheese lovers out there, now would be a good time to pack your bags and take a trip to Australia as the country just opened its first fully licensed cheese train restaurant in Geelong. Splatters Cheese Bar will be serving cheese plates on a 20-meter conveyor belt for AUD 5 to 14 (around ₹280 to ₹790). To make the ‘ultimate snacking experience’ even better, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of Victorian wines and beers.

On most occasions, the cheese train will serve a minimum of 15 handmade Australian kinds of cheese, with extra international varieties available on occasions. Splatters’ concept was inspired by ‘sushi trains,’ according to Jo Bangles, the restaurant’s founder and proprietor. Splatters will also be serving a variety of charcuterie boards to complement the exquisite cheeses.

“We do an accompaniment with each cheese, we also do local charcuterie from Salt Kitchen, and local sourdough bread with infused butter, stuffed olives, bits and pieces, all on the train as well,” Bangles told Delicious.

Bangles also stated that the restaurant will provide an opportunity for locals to learn about their cheeses. Many clients will be astonished to learn that Australia produces some of the most high-end goods. She also recommended that clients sample the La Vera Belmondo Blue, which is manufactured from Australia’s only buffalo herd from the Adelaide foothills.

Bangles’ passion for cheese got stronger when she started selling cheese boards from vans at music festivals. She immediately gained a dedicated following but was forced to halt all activities because of the Covid-19 outbreak, which prompted her to come up with the idea of delivering cheese boxes throughout the Geelong, Colac, and Melbourne areas. Bangles proposed a cheese train since she didn’t want to alienate her loyal customers.

Bangles, a former Army chef who has had many ups and downs in her career, believes she’s now come full circle, much like the cheese train. “I am back in the street from where I started my cheffing days since I was aged 15, just 500m up the road,” she said.

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