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This 9-Year-Old Girl Designs, Stitches Clothes; Gets Nearly 600K Followers on TikTok



A nine-year-old from Colorado has reached millions with her stunning original fashion creations that she shared on TikTok. Kaia Aragon, who is studying in the third grade, has hundreds of thousands of fans on the social media platform.

Kaia has been fond of designing and sewing clothes since she was just 4 years old. According to a report in Daily Mail, her mother, Tony got her a sewing machine a year ago, and since then, she has been sewing and stitching dresses for herself.

At the age of 9, Kaia decided to become a fashion designer and own a fashion company., TikTok account of Kaia’s original designs, are handled by her mom and has 582.9K followers and 22.6M likes.

Kaia’s mother Tonya posts the dresses made by her daughter on Tiktok, which is liked by millions of netizens. Moreover, users not only praise the girl for her talent but also show interest in buying these clothes. Her mother wants to keep them as her daughter’s hobby for the time being.

Impressed with the young fashionista, famous adult fashion icon Vera Wang has even sent Kaia a handwritten note. Currently, Kaia’s hands have been so much on the machine that as her first project, she put together cat bed. It didn’t take her much time to start sewing her outfits then.

The little girl knows very well where what things to add. In many of her dresses, the combination of contrasting colours is surprising. Kaia is clear even about the smallest details on the dresses.

Tonya shares videos of her baby girl working on the dresses and showing how she prepares them beautifully. Not only does Kaia get love on social media but also handwritten notes from people wishing her a bright future.

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