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The Ultimate Guide On How To Find TikTok Influencers?

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TikTok is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice for our generation’s youth. Its members create and share short-form videos ranging in duration from fifteen to sixty seconds. Because Generation Z is so hooked with TikTok, it’s a no-brainer for firms who cater to them to establish a presence on the platform.


TikTok has also given birth to a new generation of influencers, a group of people with far more authority among today’s teens and tweens than a more traditional movie or television star. But where do you look for TikTok influencers?


TikTok Compared To Others 

The number of TikTok downloads has exploded, especially considering how few people over the age of 30 use the platform. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok now have more monthly downloads than Snapchat. As a result, TikTok now has a much larger user base than Snapchat, and it is rapidly approaching the user bases of the “Big 3” social media sites. You can also find influencers on the influencer marketing platform.


TikTok’s content is different from what you’ll find on other social media networks. This is due in part to the structure of TikTok as well as the nature of its user base. Users on TikTok contribute short videos rather than text posts, static photos, Stories, or longer-form videos. TikTok users don’t utilize the types of captions that you see on Instagram, nor do they use the lengthier blocks of text that you see on Facebook. While hashtags are allowed on TikTok, users do not use them in the same way that Instagram users do.


TikTok influencers do, however, apply some comparable creative touches, like filters, that Instagrammers use in their Stories. TikTok, on the other hand, is likely to be more participatory, and you’re more likely to witness short videos of TikTok members going about their daily lives than you are on the other platforms.


Live Streaming is widespread on TikTok, maybe as a holdover from the days when Lively ruled the roost. However, there is one sector where TikTok’s young users don’t control the live streaming roost: gamers. Twitch is still significantly more popular. Hiring TikTok influencers is one of the wisest decisions. In this post, we’ll look at some of the strategies you may use to find TikTok influencers:



If you believe TikTok is a suitable fit for your audience, you’ll need to locate influencers who share your values. Searching for influencers who upload videos on relevant themes through an influencer marketing platform is great. 


Of course, you must first learn what types of movies your target consumers enjoy watching. What types of influences will they respond to the most? TikTok has evolved into much more than a lip-syncing app for kids. As a result, you must have a thorough understanding of your target audience.


When you’ve figured out which types of TikTok influencers to approach, you’ll want to dig deeper into the posting habits of particular influencers. Consider why they are so popular. What kind of videos do they upload? Do they appear to share your brand’s values, or is there a strong possibility of a conflict of interest? Indeed, you should take a close check to make sure they aren’t already endorsing your competitors in their articles.


Take a thorough look at their engagement stats in particular. You want to work closely with people who can truly influence their audience’s likes and interests, not just people who have vast followers. 


You may find TikTok influencers in three ways, much like any other sort of influencer marketing:


  • Do all of your research on your own, using TikTok and any other tools you can find to assist you.
  • Pay for a subscription to one of the TikTok-supporting influencer marketing platforms.
  • Work with an agency to find your TikTok influencer, and follow their advice.


Excel On TikTok 

If you already work with influencers on other social media platforms, it’s probable that they also have popular TikTok profiles. If their TikTok audience matches your target demographics, it can be worth expanding your current ties to TikTok and hiring those TikTok influencers.


Indeed, it’s worth seeing if influencers you’re familiar with on another platform also appear on TikTok, whether or not you have a relationship with them. If they have a large following on YouTube or Instagram among Generation Z, they may likely have a sizable following on TikTok.



The most apparent place to start looking for influencers if you aren’t paying for a platform or agency is a Google search. Be careful that the TikTok influencers that show at the top of a Google search and those who become the most successful influencers have no relationship. You’ll need to examine the available statistics as well as the types of videos shared by the influencers you discover using this method.


Use a search term like “top TikTok creator” or “hire TikTok influencers” in conjunction with your niche’s name. You may, for example, look up “top TikTok beauty creator.”



Never underestimate the value of hashtags. When looking for influencers, hashtags might help you narrow down the types of people you’re looking for. The majority of TikTok posts have hashtags, making it one of the most useful search tools. If your brand or company solely operates in a narrow niche, you’ll have no trouble finding TikTok influencers that have utilized industry-related hashtags.


When you observe a TikTok influencer utilizing a specific hashtag, expect that their followers are actively engaging with them. Once you’ve located the ideal influencer for your brand, contact them personally to discuss collaborating.



TikTok has a global audience. People from all around the world are using this social media platform to express themselves creatively. They also engage with hilarious, fresh, and distinctive content that is regularly posted.


The visual form of TikTok has produced a language or perspective that transcends geographical boundaries. TikTok is chock-full of content that can entice viewers to participate. You can hire TikTok influencers by location if you want to spread brand awareness in the local audience. You can also work with influencer marketing platforms. 


Engagement Rate 

When you see a TikTok influencer with thousands of fans or followers but a relatively low engagement rate on their content, something isn’t right.


This calculation can be dubious at times. If you work with a TikTok influencer who has a large number of followers but a poor interaction rate, your efforts may be futile. A low engagement rate suggests that only a small percentage of individuals will be aware of your services or products. As a result, while looking for an influencer, you should prioritize finding someone with a large following and a high engagement rate.



The way topics function is similar to how hashtags work. You can easily find TikTok influencers that are passionate about specific areas like gaming, marketing, or even cuisine.


Hashtags can be used to search for certain topics. Hashtags, on the other hand, cannot adequately convey the influencer’s passionate issues. As a result, you’ll need to do some additional investigation, such as examining their bio and profile. You don’t want to partner with an unimportant influencer, thus this is a vital step to do.



These are the most successful methods for identifying the right TikTok influencers for your company or brand. Getting the attention of gen-z has become much more difficult as the competition has grown. As a result, brands are turning to TikTok influencer marketing to advertise their products. Also, influencer marketing platforms can help you out with the specific choice. 


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