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The complete user guide to Pinterest video download


We are going to note down every single thing of Pinterest Video Download that users must know. In simple words, Download Pinterest Video Online using this tool is cool. Users can simply get an idea about using the tool by simply visiting their web page. The Pin Downloader is an online tool. Without this, Pinterest Video Download won’t that easy. This only requires the URL of the Pin video. Once a link will submit, it will go through the CDN servers of Pinterest and prepare the video to download. Users can open the tool and even close it once their necessity is done. And even it will let you download videos in various sizes and formats in accordance with the user’s preference. The Pin Downloader also offers you all totally free service. It is free even when downloading thousands of files. If you want to download Pinterest images or GIFs, still the Pin Downloader is the best suggestion.

Pinterest Video Download tool

The most excellent method of Pinterest Video Download is the Pin Downloader tool. It is free and safe. Users do not have to register as many other online platforms. Anyhow, we cannot download a single file from Pinterest because there is no certain download option. Therefore, the Pin Downloader is a great tool to keep next to you always. Once a user will submit a video link, the Pinterest Video Download will preview it and give you another chance to confirm the download.

 Anyhow, the tool can help you to download videos even it is any size in mp4 format. But, if you want to download it in another format, you can select it from the table which will open with the preview. As we said, the Pinterest Video Download tool can also help you in other Pinterest file downloads as well.

Guide to Pinterest Video Download

Here is the complete guide to Pinterest Video Download. Follow each step in the same way even if you are going to download Pinterest photos or GIFs.

  • Firstly, visit the Pinterest web page using your laptop or computer. If you are using a smartphone, simply open the Pinterest app
  • You can open another tab on your desktop and search the Pin Downloader page too. Those who are using a smartphone can open the tool later
  • Now search for a Pinterest Video by entering a topic on the search bar. Simply open one by one when the related post list will display and select the video you want to download. This will be easier if you already have a video. Or you can go to your Pinboards and find a suitable clip that you pinned previously

Open the clip and copy the URL

  • If you are using a PC, click the “Copy Link” option. You will see “Copied link to your clipboard to share” as a confirmation. Or click the Share icon. It will again direct you to the “Copy Link” option. Without using them, you can also copy the link on the address bar by right click on it
  • Fellows who are using smart devices will see the share icon on the top of the user interface. So, they can tap on it and get the “Copy Link” option then. By tapping on it, you can copy the post URL
  • Windows or Mac users can navigate to the Pin Downloader tool page right away and paste the copied link
  • The rest should keep or close the Pinterest app and open the web browser and search the tool page. Just open it and paste the link in the given field.
  • After applying the URL, you will see the download button there. Click it to start the process
  • Then the tool will preview the video before Download Pinterest Video Online
  • Now use the new Download button to Download Videos without closing the window
  • the entire process will take a few seconds and save the file to the handset or PC. You will see a table of sizes and video formats. The tool suggests it for your convenience. If you want the file in another size or format, select it from the table. Then the video clip will download in accordance with your request

Important facts before download Pinterest video

  • Connect the computer or smart device to Wi-Fi before starting Pinterest Video Download. If the connection is stable, you can download videos rapidly
  • Do not bother searching for the downloadable version of Pin Downloader. It completely based on its web page and support as an online downloader
  • Any Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows, Mac or whatsoever operating system can visit the tool
  • Leading browsers like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge or whatever can use to search the tool as you have a preference
  • Pinterest Video Download service is absolutely free
  • It won’t download third-party files to devices at all. Only the file related to the given URL will save
  • The tool is safe and it does not maintain records of its users or downloads. And it is not a place where users have to register by entering their details

Final words

Download videos, pictures, or photos, and GIFs can easily accomplish when the Pin Downloader is there. It can use as a free tool even to download thousands of media files. Because it is uncountable, users can download a minimum of one to countless videos without difficulty. Pinterest Video Download using Pin Downloader is truly simple and smooth. The tool is user-friendly. And even because it is an installable application, we do not have to worry about finding its download links, and even bring it up-to-date after the installation at all.  Furthermore, the device and the operating system as well will never become barriers of Download Pinterest Video Online. There is no doubt that you have a lot to download from your Pinboards. So, do not get late. Open the Pinterest Downloader tool right now on your smartphone or PC and bring them all offline for absolutely free. And do not forget to share the tool link with your friends. 

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