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Technology Innovations in the Automotive Industry

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The convergence of automotive technology and digital technology and high-speed communication Remarkably developing We see new innovations every quarter, what’s new this year? will quickly become obsolete in the next year. Because we are entering the juncture of another era, that is, the era of artificial intelligence (AI: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE), which in the future will not be limited to just voice commands. or satellite navigation But it will lead us to a world of safe driving. Both us and our companions are getting more and more.

The author has compiled the latest technology. That is likely to come into automotive use by 2022, although some parts may still be reserved for luxury cars.

  1. Autonomous Vehicles (AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE)

Cars that can make their own decisions, such as running to find a parking space by themselves or running on their own on the highway But I believe that the era of fully autonomous vehicles may not happen anytime soon. This driverless vehicle system is divided into four levels:

Level 1 automatic operation in certain functions (FUNCTION SPECIFIC AUTOMATION), such as automatic speed control. Automatic parking assistance system lane keeping control system In this system, the driver is responsible for controlling the vehicle at all times, such as having to hold the steering wheel by hand. or feet on the accelerator Some of these systems are already in use today, such as the automated parallel park assist system of Ford and Volvo cars.

Level 2 combines COMBINED FUNCTION AUTOMATION, such as ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL and LANE KEEPING CONTROL, at this level, the driver is responsible for monitoring. work and traffic conditions at all times But in some situations it may be necessary to turn off the automatic operation. and can quickly take control of themselves, such as the system to maintain the automatic running channel where the car will maintain the running lane and fix the steering angle automatically including acceleration and brake by itself

LEVEL 3 LIMITED SELF-DRIVING AUTOMATION In this system, the driver can leave the decision to the vehicle. But in some cases, they can come in and control themselves. The driver does not need to check the route all the time. This can be seen from the experiment in the prototype car. The Mercedes-Benz F 015 includes the Future Truck 2025 model that allows drivers to let their vehicles go on highways on their own. which the driver can control when necessary

LEVEL 4 FULL SELF-DRIVING AUTOMATION All driving duties are the responsibility of the vehicle throughout the journey. so it can be used Even passengers who can’t drive, such as children, the elderly, or even non-human passengers This can be seen from the ultra-automatic transport system Ultra PRT used at Heathrow Airport, London, England, which is a small vehicle without a steering wheel. Used to connect between terminals in the airport. Passengers do not have to do anything along the way.

Although we may not be able to experience fully unmanned running anytime soon. but it will gradually play a role in reducing travel fatigue or reduce the need for driving in the

repetitive situations such as finding a parking space for us in the near future for sure.

  1. Driver control system (DRIVER OVERRIDE SYSTEMS) This system, although it looks like a driverless vehicle system. But it won’t work until the sensor detects that The driver was making the wrong decision. and is prone to accidents The system will immediately clear the command with the driver, such as the driver deliberately “Kamikaze” approaches another car by pressing the accelerator completely. The anti-collision sensor detects the target in front will send information to activate the brake system to work immediately. and cut off the accelerator No matter how much you press it, it can’t accelerate. Thanks to the electrical command system (DRIVE BY WIRE) this is possible.


  1. Using biometric data instead of keys (BIOMETRIC VEHICLE ACCESS) This system will make carrying a car key obsolete. because you just touch the door handle The car will immediately know that you are the owner of the car via fingerprint. If you share a car with others It was able to adjust the seat, rearview mirror, steering wheel angle to suit each driver immediately. The remote control may become part of the mobile phone system in the future. To be used in more functions such as sending the car to the park and call the car back to pick up


  1. Vehicle tracking system (COMPREHENSIVE VEHICLE TRACKING) This system takes our driving style data stored in the car’s memory, such as used speed, g-force and daily distance traveled. used in the analysis to assess the price of car insurance This time, even if using the same car, but who drives well and drives badly, the insurance price will not be the same. Because the risks are different benefit both sides Drive well, pay less


  1. AUGMENTED REALITY system or an active windshield (ACTIVE WINDESCREEN DISPLAY), simply called AR. You may have seen this system on smartphones. The monitor will display a virtual image. overlaid with the actual image taken from the camera. by the system that will come to work in the car There are many concepts such as navigation systems using the entire windshield. Point the path overlapped with the view that the eye sees. Or in the case Jaguar has tried to do is to simulate the image of a competitor in a virtual mode of operation called Racing with Ghosts or Phantom Race so that we can race against another imaginary car on the road. And in the concept of Land Rover is the projection of the floor under the car over the line of the hood. (but on the windshield) to create an image as if the hood was invisible. To give drivers more confidence in wading in the backcountry


  1. REMOTE VEHICLE SHUTDOWN This system is currently being used on GM vehicles in the United States. The car will be equipped with the Onstar system, allowing the control center to know where the car is. and can turn off the engine from a distance It’s no different from ordering to suspend your phone in the event of theft. The following car theft cases And the high-speed chases of police officers will be a thing of the past.


  1. ACTIVE HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM This system was initiated by Ford to install a device for monitoring body biometrics. installed with the seat belt and on the steering wheel Check your heartbeat, temperature and breathing rhythm. If the monitoring system detects an acute malfunction such as a heart attack, it will be able to drive the car to the side of the road. (If working with the driverless driving system will take you to the nearest hospital) and call the nearest paramedic immediately This system is considered to win the hearts of older drivers. and if able to measure the amount of alcohol in the blood before starting the car It should clearly reduce the number of road accidents.


  1. A 4-cylinder supercar, the era of reducing capacity. and the development of lightweight bodies As a result, passenger cars will use less and less capacity engines. Three-cylinder engines will be more popular in compact cars. While large cars with four-cylinder turbocharged engines have become more common. as can be seen from The BMW 5 Series sold in our home today is almost all 4-cylinder engines. But what hasn’t happened yet? But it is believed that it will happen in the future is a supercar with a speed of 300 km / h using a four-cylinder engine, which may seem unbelievable. But it is possible because hybrid cars like The BMW I8 is powered by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine, but can reach a top speed of 250 km/h.


  1. Marketing communications delivered directly to the car (SMART/PERSONALIZED IN CAR MARKETING) In an era where connection to high speed communication system has become indispensable. Integrate with your personalized advertising media management style. As can be seen from the work of Facebook and Google that choose to deliver news and advertisements that are in line with individual lifestyles These systems will be part of the era where every car has a screen to display information. (Days are getting bigger and bigger from the current 6-7 inches to become the size of an iPad in the near future) by the information that will show the activity around Travel routes that correspond to your taste (LOCATION BASED-ADVERTISING), for example, if driving through a department store, there will be information that at that time the department store promotional activities. or there is any activity taking place


  1. Electric power with classic cars (CLASSIC CAR ELECTRIC MOTOR CONVERSION)It is a trend that has started to attract attention in Europe. with strict control on pollution It is known that those classic cars Pollution control is not a strength. But the strength lies in its beautiful shape. Therefore, there is a stream of modifications to remove the old, inefficient engine. and replaced with a quiet and powerful electric motor instead. One might argue that it lacks flavor. But believe me, if you try a good electric car once, you will understand how great the enormous torque that is available immediately without having to wait. Compared to traditional engines that are fussy and lack power. It also releases a lot of pollution. There’s just a good roar type. “Barking but not biting.” Maybe it’s time for us to get a classic car up and running again. With a new heart, high-tech should be no less good. An example can be seen, for example, the 1960s Mustang, known as the Zombie 222, is equipped with two electric motors, producing 750 horsepower and accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 3.

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Muneer Mujahed Lyati

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