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Tamil Nadu Woman Gets Toothbrush Stuck in Mouth in Freak Accident, Undergoes Surgery



In a rare incident, Kanchipuram doctors performed surgery on a woman’s cheek to remove a toothbrush that got stuck inside her mouth when she slipped at her home while brushing. Revathi, a 34-year-old woman from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, was brushing her teeth on March 4 when the incident occurred. While brushing, she accidentally slipped and fell on the floor in the washroom, her mouth making heavy impact with the ground. The brush tore through her cheek and got stuck that way. Revathi could not open or close her mouth. She was found and subsequently admitted to the Kanchipuram Government General Hospital in that condition.

The surgeons at the Government General Hospital, Naren and Venkatesh, consulted and decided that the toothbrush could only be removed through Revathi’s cheek. Accordingly, on March 5, Revathi was anesthetized and the toothbrush, which was stuck in the dental cavities of the mouth, was pierced down the ear and half of the toothbrush that came out through the cheek was cut off.

Similarly, half of the toothbrush that was stuck too deep in the middle of the dental cavities in the woman’s mouth was operated on and removed successfully.

Revathi is currently under observation and being treated at the hospital. The video of doctors conducting surgery and removing the toothbrush through the woman’s cheek has gone viral on social media, while compliments are also heaped on doctors for handling the rare case successfully.

Another intricate surgery that won accolades recently took place in Odisha. Neurosurgeons at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital, SOA’s faculty of medicine in Bhubaneswar, came across a rare human tail which is claimed to be the first bony tail in thoracic region to be reported in the world. Prof. (Dr.) Mahapatra, who along with neurosurgeon Dr. Rama Chandra Deo, conducted the surgery to remove the tail, claimed it was a unique case of true thoracic bony human tail in a newborn baby. The baby successfully underwent three surgeries in one sitting and had been doing well. The surgeries continued for four hours. The doctors successfully removed the 3 cm long bone from the middle part of the spine. Most people are not born with a tail because the structure disappears or gets absorbed into the body during foetal development and forms the vestigial tail bone or Coccyx, said doctors.

(With inputs from Manoj Jena)

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