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Swiggy Delivery Agent Gives Petrol From Own Bike to Strangers Stranded at Night in Mumbai



Kindness is not an easy thing to come by these days and so when such random acts are witnessed once in a while, the people displaying them deserve a shout out. That is exactly what Mumbai-based Akshita Changan did through a Linkedin post when a food delivery guy’s kindness saved the day for her and her brother who were stranded on the road in the middle of the night. Akshita’s motorcycle came to a rest 64 km from her destination. Her bike had run out of gas at 12:15 am. Akshita and her brother were lost on the road with temperatures dropping and no one around. They did not even have enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol pump.

Talking about the incident on Linkedin in January this year, Akshita said that her brother happened to catch sight of someone across the road who seemed to be checking an address on his mobile. As he approached the man for help, the man turned out to be a food delivery agent with Swiggy. When asked if he could tow the bike, the man politely refused as he was going in the opposite direction and could not miss his delivery time.

He, however, did inquire whether they had a bottle of water. When they said no, the driver emptied his own water bottle and took some petrol out of his bike so Akshita and her brother could get to the nearest gas station. “I was awestruck by his behavior, for us he was an angel in disguise, a man on his way to deliver a smile to his customer, and on his way to work, he delivered kindness to us,” Akshita said.

The man’s act of benevolence astounded the siblings, and he quickly left to make his delivery on time. He just got enough time to tell Akshita his name. His name was Roshan Dalvi, the LinkedIn post said.

At a time when even the wealthy complain of rising fuel prices, Roshan Dalvi is a man who did not hesitate to give away some of his fuel to help the siblings in distress and we think it is a remarkable act indeed. It’s people like Dalvi who make the world a better place.

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