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Set You Sale Targets For 2022 & Achieve It With Subscription Salesforce Integration

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When it comes to revenue growth the collaboration between sales and marketing teams plays a significant role. Still, despite using multiple software and integrating third-party applications, companies are still facing challenges associated with finding the right qualified lead, pitching a deal or nurturing it efficiently, and tracking the progress of leads throughout the sales pipeline. However, when it comes to the subscription management business the competition of acquiring new customers and retaining subscribers become more challenging especially when you don’t have a CRM integrated with your subscription management system. 

Since 2022 is about to start, we must discuss how subscription management salesforce integration can help you in setting new sales goals and features the integration offers to small to medium-sized businesses. Therefore, we have crafted this article and divided it into two parts, first discuss some goals that every subscription business should try to set consider while drafting a campaign and how features offered by subscription management tool can benefit your subscription business.

Sale Goals To Consider For 2022

  1. The first thing on our list is to set a goal to win & grow a customer. If you are wondering that it is not achievable that you have to go for CRM integration. There are two reasons behind this suggestion, first, it brings data on your customer collected from multiple channels e.g. social media, website, forms, email, chat, etc. and display it on a single dashboard where you drive deep insights from the and create efficient reports to make data-driven decisions.
  2. Sales pipeline optimization is the second goal that you should add to your sales goal. Two years back, getting a hold on customer data e.g. identifying your customer, what they do, how they behave online, product satisfaction, etc. was difficult. However, the recent increase in internet usage and IoT devices has lessened such barriers. And, many customers are now willingly providing information in exchange for personalized services. Therefore, it is recommended that you should include a goal to optimize your sales pipeline with real-time data.
  3. In addition to optimization, you need to set a proper goal for your business transition. The past two years of lockdown and work from the home initiative have shown that the conditions are not going to improve soon. Therefore, creating a strategy to adopt a hybrid or full remote work culture need your utmost attention. 
  4. Lastly, the success of the sales team is depended on how much a sales rep understands their leads and capable of rendering personalized services. Wondering how this will help you? Well, sales CRM collects information from a wide range of channels and adds it to the profile of customers. This information helps the sales reps in customizing their pitch to match the interest of the lead.

Features Offered By Subscription Salesforce Integration

Some of the many reasons to suggest you integrate salesforce with your subscription management system are as follows.

  1. Subscription management software collects information on subscribers and stores it even after the subscriber discontinues their subscription plan. Moreover, the marketing campaign attracts dozens of and only a few manage to convert. Therefore, the integration offers a contact management feature where it saves data and helps the sales team in closing deals with subscribers without losing sight of their interest. 
  2. Sale Forecasting is another feature that the integration offer. This is designed to provide deep insights on lead with their possibility of conversion. Thus, getting proactive information on lead helps sales reps in saving time on nurturing a lead that doesn’t convert. Moreover, the revenue intelligence is designed to provide sales executives and managers with metrics on the performance of sales reps including the deal closed, win, lose, and much more.
  3. Lastly, it offers comprehensive reports & analytics features that allow the subscription management business with a dashboard that drive results from all platform and transform it into generating a report to measure the weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual reports to measure the KPIs.


The only thing that can help a subscription business to scale and stabilize revenue is getting to know their customer and attracting them with a personalized subscription plan with subscription management system. However, the question is how much you know about your customers, and does your sales reps have access to the data that your marketing team has collected. If not that the goal for 2022 should start with creating an ecosystem that fosters data sharing and a data-driven & decision-making culture.

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