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Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ at this Restaurant in Hyderabad to Get Discounts

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Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at this restaurant in Hyderabad, and receive discounts. Yes, you heard that right. Dakshin-5, a boutique restaurant, is offering discounts to customers who show common courtesy. For example, if you order a Veg Thali worth Rs 165 by saying ‘a Veg Thali please’, you get a discount of Rs 15. Similar discounts are available if you greet the staff with a ‘good afternoon’ or wish them ‘a good day’.

The managing partners of the restaurant said that such a practice would not only encourage customers and staff to be more polite, but also put a smile on everyone’s face. “Common courtesy has become very uncommon, and we are trying to bring back that culture in a very small way,” said AK Solanki, one of the partners.

The restaurant has put up a board prominently announcing this initiative, probably a first of its kind in the restaurant industry.

“The restaurant business is routine and repetitive. The staff are busy, performing myriad tasks due to which sometimes they may not serve customers to their satisfaction. It may annoy guests. This is an initiative that I have seen in the west. It breaks unpleasantness and will help forge food relationships and cultivate a win-win culture,” Sanjeev Kumar, one of the partners, shared.

The restaurant has also introduced an initiative called ‘Elder the Better’ to encourage more elderly persons to visit the restaurant. This is a special offer for next one month for senior citizens of the city. Any diner accompanied by an elderly person will get a flat discount on the total food bill, equivalent to the age of the most elderly person of the group. To mark the launch of the restaurant, they also felicitated food delivery workers.

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