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Rihanna’s Response to Someone Yelling ‘You’re Late’ at Dior Show Proves She’s the Moment



Rihanna is nothing if not confident.

Rihanna has never been known for mincing her words. Her exchange with the bystander has gone viral on social media.

Rihanna turned up to the Dior autumn/winter 2022 show in Paris in an iconic outfit and presumably (fashionably) late. As she was walking in, a bystander had the idea of yelling out to her “You’re late!” There’s no telling if they were expecting to be heard, but Rihanna clapped back in the most Rihanna way and the exchange has gone viral on social media. As the singer, who is currently expecting a baby, waded through a crowd of paparazzi and photographers, the aforementioned bystander thought to remind her that she was late. Accurate or not, it was clearly not a smart thing to have said at the moment, as Twitter will remind you on any given day. Rihanna has never been known for mincing her words.

The singer turned around with a straight face and said, “No sh*t”. The lesson here is probably not to be late, but to own it on the off chance that you are, and Rihanna is nothing if not confident.

Rihanna has always been the moment. She had recently shut down speculations on her pregnancy by responding to a fan who had happened to DM her on Instagram, asking to come to her “baby shower” and complimenting her (then) imaginary to-be babies. Rihanna replied, saying, “Haaaaa! Stawwwp! You ain’t came to the first 10 baby showers! Y’all breed me every year dammit lol” (sic). The fan posted a screenshot of the conversation on Instagram, and wrote, “her uterus said “stay out of my damn business”… I spit my water out when she said “the first 10 baby showers”… regardless i’m happy for her either way she’s living life to the fullest!” (sic). Rihanna is currently dating rapper A$AP Rocky.

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