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Penguin Wanders off to Streets of Budapest, Hungary Police Send it Back to Zoo

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Hungarian police rescued an unusual “fugitive” on a busy street in the capital, a penguin. The police team wrapped him up in a cloth and rehabilitated him into the Budapest Zoo. The Budapest police department stated that the officers spotted a little penguin wandering a large street near the Budapest Zoo early on Wednesday, March 9. Sanyika, who is an African penguin, managed to break away from his enclosure and was headed down the street when local authorities spotted him. They wrapped him up in a blanket and took it back to the relatively safer zoo. The Sanyika is just 6 months old, and typical of his age, he is extremely curious by instinct and evidently was not too satisfied with his limited space.

Sharing images of police officers with the little penguin, the police department in a Facebook post stated that “as it would have been a long walk to Antarctica, they caught the bird, wrapped it in a blanket and handed it over to the Budapest Zoo.”

Sanyika was found on Dózsa György út, a large street in central Budapest, which is near the Városliget Park that also includes the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garde. So far, no information has been provided as to how the 6-month-old penguin was able to escape from the zoo.

The police department has even installed cameras in the penguins’ enclosure to keep a close eye on the penguin troop so that such incidents can be avoided in the future.

The 6-month-old is an African penguin, hence he can survive relatively warmer temperatures as compared to his Antarctic counterpart. African penguins are said to live around for 10 years, in the wild, however, there have been incidents when a couple of them have outlived the masses by 14 years. Notably, when in captivity, the Africans can live thrice as long as their subspecies’ lifespan in their natural habitat.

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