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‘Pawri Girl’ Dananeer Mobeen Recreates Pashtun Kid’s ‘Baap Ki Party’



Remember Dananeer Mobeen aka the “Pawri Girl” who overnight became an internet sensation on both sides of the border? She is back in the game and this time; she’s re-enacting a little girl’s ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’ video. Well, once again netizens are amused by her antics. Recreating a little Pashtun girl’s ‘Baap Ki Party’ TikTok video that went viral over social media a few days ago, the Pakistani influencer stated that it’s the “best version of the pawri ho rahi hai” song she has come across so far.

Imitating the little girl from the original clip, Mobeen had draped a dupatta covering her head, while she stood in front of a family portrait to recreate the viral moment. She started the video by lip-syncing to the original audio of the girl on the trend. In the viral clip, the little girl showed her father grilling some meat for a party alongside her siblings. Mimicking the girl’s gesture, Mobeen too shows herself and the family portrait. The influencer perfectly nailed even the little stutter at the start. “Hi, guys, ye main hoon, (Hi guys, this is me),” she says while showcasing herself. Mobeen then pans the camera to the family portrait and says, “Ye humara baap hai aur ye humare baap ki party ho rahi hai (this is our father, and this our father’s party).”

While posting her version of ‘Baap Ki Party,’ Mobeen had also shared the original clip of the little girl. “This girl has outdone me, best version of #pawrihoraihai so far, Swipe to see the original video!” she captioned the video.

Watch here:

In no time, Mobeen’s hilarious re-enactment left netizens laughing out loud online and many agreed that the little girl outdid the influencer.

In 2021, Mobeen’s video wherein she is poking fun, featured her saying, “Ye humari car hai. Aur ye hum hai. Aur ye humari pawri horahi hai.” In India, the clip became popular when music composer Yashraj Mukhate created a spoof song, and it went on to give birth to an array of memes.

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