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Paving Slabs, The Ideal Solution For Creating A Driveway!

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Paving Slabs, The Ideal Solution For Creating A Driveway!

Do you need to arrange your driveway to make it passable and be able to drive over it with your car? Do you place your motorized vehicles on the lawn, and they start to be damaged over time and with bad weather? Adopt garden slabs to grass these as soon as possible!

The outer sod paving slabs are ideal for landscape driveway or to create a parking space without damaging your lawn! They are full of advantages to develop a super resistant and durable garden over time. Read on to get to know them!

Why Choose Paving Stones To Lay Out Your Driveway?

The blister slabs lawn is an excellent alternative to create a carriage driveway or parking spaces in your garden. These plastic grass pavers have many advantages to make your landscape look attractive. So choose them, rather than opting for reconstituted stone pavers or dressed stone slabs that are more difficult to maintain and which will not give you a natural look in the garden. To accentuate the style of your garden, install a colorful and trendy plastic flower box: it will make all the difference in your landscaping!

First of all, these outdoor PVC grass sheets are made from 100% recycled and recyclable polyethylene and polypropylene. If you remove them from your garden path, you can have them recycled so that they have a second life! This lawn flooring is ecological and respectful of the planet. Everyone must put their stone to the building to protect the environment altogether, and the adoption of paving to be grassed for your garden is a good option! You will have fun while doing a good deed for our planet.

Once your honeycomb grass tiles have been installed in your outdoor driveway, you can drive over them with a light vehicle and park them on it without worrying that they will sag or be damaged over time and with weight. They can withstand a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes, so they are perfectly drivable thanks to their extreme resistance. In addition, these inexpensive perforated lawn tiles are treated to resist UV rays, all weather conditions and inclement weather. You will enjoy a nice green lawn, easy to maintain, and you can run your mower over them without damaging them. Robust to shocks and external aggressions, these plates of fake grass will allow you to create all types of landscaping!

You will need four lawn tiles per square meter: calculate yourself the exact number of tiles you need for your landscaping project. At less than 4 dollars per panel, you must count the width of 3 ml to be comfortable for the passage of a car. For example, if your path is 10 ml long, you will need 120 slabs, i.e. investment in slabs for the garden to be grassed for less than 450 dollars delivered to your home.

How To Successfully Lay Your Paving Tiles Like A Professional?

The plates for the outdoor lawn are simple to install. Their installation is much easier to achieve than laying pavers in natural stone or reconstituted stone, and above all, you do not need to pour a concrete screed to achieve it!

Before laying your inexpensive honeycomb grass tiles, you must first prepare the ground for your garden path. Start the preparation of your installation space by lowering the soil by about 30 to 40 centimeters. Remove all vegetation, roots and large stones so that the ground is clean and levelled. These lawn planks for the garden cannot be installed in a sloping garden path or in a basement descent.

Once the soil has been properly disbursed, spread a layer of gravel which will serve as a draining layer and add a geotextile film on your layer of gravel to prevent weeds from growing between the  PVC slabs. Then add a layer of approximately 5 to 7 centimeters of sand, and do not forget to level it well and compact it so that your paving stones for outdoor use are even easier to lay. All these steps allow you to properly prepare the ground of your garden path to lay your outdoor paving grass and make it suitable for vehicles.

As soon as your garden path is ready, you can start laying your plastic lawn tiles. Thanks to their crampons of more than 8 centimeters long and their system of clips, they are easy to assemble and to drive into the sand ground. For an even simpler and faster installation, start with a blank laying of all your PVC honeycomb tiles for lawns. This blank laying will allow you to make the necessary cuts. Depending on the equipment you have on hand, they are to be made with a hand saw or a grinding wheel.

Your garden path isn’t complete until you’ve planted sod in your plastic honeycomb tiles. To fill them up and sow your grass, fill all the cells with light soil protruding at least one centimeter above the slabs. All you have to do is sow your lawn, roll it, water it and then wait for the grass to grow.

It is important to choose a lawn that is resistant to droughts so as not to spend a fortune on watering and to stay in the 100% ecological spirit of polypropylene slabs to be grassed. Your lawn must also be resistant to the frequent passages of your vehicle!

To conclude, these grass-covered PVC slabs are the solution to all your problems to create a driveway in no time, without the need for specific tools or to start a big project, especially without spending a fortune! They will quickly become the charming asset of your exterior to park your vehicle, drive in your driveway without damaging your lawn and enjoy a nice touch of greenery!

If you want to install one such driveway in your landscape, feel free to contact Done Right. Done Right is a team of professionals known for making landscape driveways all around Florida. In addition to designing the pavement, our creative team can create a custom project of paver sealing adapted to your needs. So, share your idea or space details with us and let us think of the best path for you.  

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