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Organic Skin Care – The Basics About Organic Moisturizers, and More!

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The organic trend has surpassed the confines of food and produce and moved into the world of cosmetics and beauty products. Organic skin care products, much like their organic food companions, are touted as increasingly better for your health and the environment.

Many traditional cosmetic products are made of synthetic preservatives and other highly processed ingredients, many of which are not significantly tested nor particularly rejuvenating. Some non-organic skin care products use core ingredients such as petroleum-based derivatives and other substances health-conscious consumers attempt to avoid. Even products that claim to be “natural” may contain only trace “natural” ingredients and instead rely on artificial or genetically modified elements.

Fortunately for those who do wish to buy and use unrefined products, a wave of moisturizers, body lotions, wrinkle night cream, acne treatments, and other anti-aging products utilizing only all-natural and organic ingredients have recently hit the markets. Like other organic products, organic beauty cosmetics only use ingredients organically and naturally grown. These products have several advantages over traditional cosmetics in that they have higher levels of natural antioxidants and, additionally, have fewer irritants for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that there are direct correlations between the ingredients one eats or, in the case of organic skin care products, puts on their skin and their overall well-being. The human body is extremely absorbent-so much so that it is estimated that a woman who regularly wears makeup absorbs, on average, 5 pounds of chemicals each year.

It is now easier than ever to find and buy organic cosmetics with a vast array of sites offering the products. Many of these sites only sell organic products, consequently eliminating the guesswork a customer must go through in selecting organic moisturizers, wrinkle creams, and other anti-aging products. A slate of brands including Eminence Canada, use only certified organic ingredients which additionally helps consumers in choosing a distinct brand.

For those worried about quality and results, skin care cosmetics utilizing organic ingredients are proven to be just as effective as synthetically manufactured products. The added fact that organic products only use time-tested, naturally-grown ingredients with significant health benefits should be reason enough to make the switch to organic skin care products. The organic trend is, indeed, alive and well, further providing consumers with safe and effective lifestyle alternatives.

Are Organic Skin Care Products Better?

Lately, we have been hearing more and more about the different organic skin care products that are out there and what they have to offer us. Although we like the sounds of these organic skin care products, most of us have no idea as to what it is that sets them apart and whether we should make the switch. There are organic skin care products of all sorts, from adult face creams to baby skin care products. The term organic means that the ingredients are all-natural and that there are no harsh chemicals and byproducts used.

Is it Worth the Switch?

So you have heard about Eminence organic care products but you are probably just not sure as to whether it is worth you making the switch or not. It all depends on your personal preference. There are different opinions on organic products, as some people think that they are much better for you whereas others feel that there is no difference at all.

If you want the inside scoop you should speak to a dermatologist, who has been specially trained in the area of skin and who will be able to set apart the truths and the lies for you. It also really depends on which products you prefer. For instance, if you like the Oil of Olay or Loreal care lines, you are not going to get the proper choice of organic products, and instead, you would generally have to switch to an entirely new line of skin care products.

This can be hard to deal with, especially if you have been relying on the same skin care line for a while now. Once you find something that you enjoy and that you trust it can be really difficult to make the change to something new.

The Top Choices

If you do want to start using organic skin care products, there are a few lines in particular that you will want to consider. There is the Lavigne line for one, which is reputable and quality and which you can trust in.

Eminence Organics is another very respectable organic-based company that you may want to consider and which offers a wide selection of organic products for you to choose from.

Give it a try if you want, and then after a few weeks, if you are having problems or not noticing the results that you were planning on, you can always go back to your old favorite skin care products.

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