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Online casino: the games most loved by users


Since the gambling liberalization process was completed, between 2009 and 2011, the offer of games in online casinos has been steadily growing, year after year. Today the sections dedicated to casino games within digital gaming platforms can count on thousands of different titles. But what are the users’ favorites?

Answering this question can be very difficult, as the ranking is quite uncertain. In the last period, however, the preferences seem to be above all for online slot machines. The digital version of the “machines” became legal in December 2012 and since then they have conquered an increasing number of enthusiasts. 

In any case, even the table games typical of casinos maintain good performance, those in which, in addition to luck, skills are also required. Let’s now analyze in detail the top three games in the ranking, online slots, online roulette and online blackjack, trying to understand the secrets of their success.

Online slot machine

Slot machines have always been a great success ever since they were only found in casinos. With the passage of time, slots were cleared first in gambling halls, then even in bars and tobacconists, the different types of strategies for slots becoming more and more popular. For some years they have also been faithfully reproduced in their online version and the number of fans is constantly growing. You can try your luck at bwin casino that has plenty of slot games.

The success of this type of games comes mainly from their simplicity, since no specific skill is required to play them. Furthermore, these are very dynamic games and are available in many different versions of each other in terms of themes, setting, graphics and prizes. However, it is the so-called progressive jackpots that offer large prizes to attract the slots audience the most.

Online Roulette

Among the most popular games belonging to the online casino galaxy, the fascinating roulette cannot be missing, which always ranks high in the ratings rankings. To experience the thrill of the puck spinning until the ball stops on the number, players were first forced to go to a traditional casino. Today, thanks to the excellent work conducted by the developers of the software houses that produce casino games, the roulette enthusiast can play while sitting comfortably from home, while still experiencing an experience that is completely faithful to reality. 

Furthermore, for those who are not satisfied there is also live roulette, a fusion between traditional and virtual game, which is played by connecting in streaming with a real gaming room, interacting with the croupier and the other players sitting at the table.

Online Blackjack

In the top 3 of the most popular games, Blackjack cannot be missing, a famous card game in which the aim is to score 21 without going bust. This game is also very popular in online casinos due to the challenge to the last twist against the dealer. In this game, luck matters relatively: in the long run, it is elements such as strategy and logic that make the difference about the odds of winning. What determines the success of online blackjack is also a very rich offer of variants ranging from multi-hand modes (which allow you to play multiple hands at the same time), to tournaments, up to live blackjack.

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