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Mysterious Night Sky Explosion in England an Alien Attack? Here’s What Actually Happened



Residents of Southampton in England were recently convinced that they were facing an alien attack when the sky above the city turned into a hue of blue and orange. There were also flashes of light in the sky along with loud bangs in the distance. In a video that is being circulated, flickers of light and smoke can be seen forming up in the sky. However, before you get spooked and believe it was an alien invasion too, the explanation is actually pretty tame. It was an explosion caused by an electric failure, after a scooter was thrown over the railway tracks by a group of youngsters, as per British transport police.

The resulting blast, which took place at St Denys train station, was visible from afar and looked like a scene from some science fiction movie with the sky turning into vibrant orange and blue. It was no wonder that netizens were both mesmerised and spooked at the same time. “The aliens have returned”, said one user while another recalled, “When my entire window turned white, I felt my heart skip a beat a moment! I’m curious as to what triggered it.”

During an interview with the Daily Echo, a student stated, “It was bright white and orange, and a plume of smoke – it’s hard to describe as it was so bright. We could see the colours of the grass and it looked like daytime!”

Unable to explain what caused the strange phenomenon, it came as a relief to the residents when police confirmed to Hampshire Live that the culprit was the scooter on the tracks.

“Someone called British Transport Police to St Denys station at 8.26 pm on February 28, following complaints of a gang of youngsters tossing a scooter across the rails at St Denys station, creating an electrical problem,” a British Transport Police representative told Hampshire Live. The scooter was recovered from the tracks with aid from Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service. Railway services were also disrupted because of the incident.

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