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4 Ways to Make your French Fries Franchise CHA-CHING!!!!!


What is the one fast-food product that goes with anything perse? No Idea? It is the fries. No matter what meal you are having, adding fries take those meal to whole another level. In this blog, I will tell you how you can take your french fries to another level. Sometimes it’s the french fries boxes that make your sale rise, and sometimes it’s the new flavors you announce.

Let’s Take a Peek into the Making of French Fries

Cooking perfect french fries is more than just a task it’s an art. You cannot serve your fries all soggy fries have to be crisp on them so a customer can enjoy them fully. What is the technique to having perfect fries? In order to have perfect fries, you have to make sure that you cut them in the same shape and, moreover, in the same size. So the customer won’t complain about the weird shape fries. After that, make sure that you wash them properly. Add some salt to it for the flavor. And fry them on the low flame till it crisps. There you have it now, you can serve your fries in perfect-looking french fries boxes.

Introduce Some New Flavors as Well:

If you sell classic flavors of fries, and you wonder why sales aren’t increasing, then you are living in the past. The fast-food industry is open to experimenting with new ideas. Even McDonald’s has introduced some other flavors for their customers to enjoy! Then what’s stopping you to do the same? Introduce some new flavors and get more customers.

Make Sure you Cope with the Festive Theme:

One of the biggest things that help customers to interact with you is that you take care of their festive needs as well. As we all know that Halloween just went by, and only those restaurants were able to catch the attention of their customers, that was offering the ambiance of Halloween and some deal related to it. In order to catch the eye of your customers, you should start checking the calendar and start ordering your custom french fries boxes.

What does Custom Packaging have to do to Make your Sales rise?

Maybe you don’t know, but these days packaging does matter. Why? Because it helps you to showcase your product in an attractive manner. I have even experienced the attraction of the packaging. I remember I used to eat the fries at McDonald’s, but somehow my preference was toward the burger king. And later, I realize it is all because of how they cope with the festive themes and how they present their french fries in the french fry containers. Moreover, the fries box you use not only represents your product but also represents your brand as well.

MacDonald's Fries

As you can make your brand appear through the packaging as well. How? you can imprint your brand initials on your french fry containers, which in return will give you a loyal client base. Therefore, customizing fries boxes will affect more sales in the long run.

All of these customizations will be making you dizzy and a little bit hefty on the pocket, right? Not to worry, as I have the perfect solution for you on this matter.

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Efficacious Packaging Requires what Actions?

Fast-food business owners are most concerned with costs. The price policy of a business owner should never be compromised, and the same should be true for you. You can still get lower rates on packaging even though it may seem expensive to you. Can you imagine what that would be like? Since wholesale box makers are so common, they typically have a wide range of options to choose from. Take for instance French fries boxes wholesale.

What benefits will you receive from it? Wholesale boxes will enable you to stay within your budget, since they are readily available at a lower price. Also, the vendor is open to customizing the package to your needs. By choosing raw materials, visuals, or combinations of those, you will be able to create the piece you desire. The best way to keep your budget in check is by purchasing French fries boxes wholesale. The following are many of the services you can use from them.

Getting Free Graphic Design:

You can probably get help with more than just french fries packaging from a wholesale packaging company like Elite Custom Boxes. Any design can be created without spending a dime using open-source design tools. In this way, your package can be tailor-made to your exact specifications.

Free Shipping:

Wholesale packaging companies provide free shipping of your French fries boxes if you purchase bulk packaging. Ultimately, this results in a reduction in costs to your business. So, you can come up with aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective packaging.

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