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List of specialisations you can choose in music schools in London


The global entertainment and music industry is a bustling domain with scores of exciting work prospects and intriguing roles. This industry is perfect for young dynamic people who envision themselves as great musicians and music performers or want to work in a glamorous industry.

However, starting a music career requires much more than patience and passion for the performing arts. You need extensive amount of domain knowledge, numerous industry contacts and technical music knowledge. A music degree can help you acquire all the skills you require for a successful career in the music industry.

As the music industry becomes more diversified, there is a correlating rise in the number of specialisations available for music programmes. Each music specialisation can provide you specific skills for different music career paths. Read ahead to learn more about the common music specialisations you might find in a music school in London.

Why are there so many music course specialisations?

In contrary to ancient times, music making isn’t restricted to orchestra halls and Broadway stages. In 2022, modern music also includes a string of verses sung aloud by a teenage kid on YouTube.

The music industry has also expanded beyond the conventional genres like classical music and has spawned new genres like Electronic Dance Music (EDM). With so many different music genres, general music skills can’t make you a successful musician.

Today’s music schools have to cater to every aspect of music creation from production techniques to marketing the music. One big advantage of having multiple music course specialisations is that you get to focus on a specific aspect of the music industry that you like.

What are the top music course specialisations available in London?

London is renowned for being a global destination for music professionals and artists worldwide. estimates that London can outrank well-known cultural centres like New York and Paris in terms of the number of music concerts organised each year.

As an aspiring musician, you can choose from the top music colleges in London catering to diverse specialisations like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Music theory
  2. Sound engineering
  3. Music composition
  4. Folk music studies
  5. Musicology
  6. Music production
  7. Recording technology
  8. Instrumental music production
  9. Music performance
  10. Orchestral Studies
  11. Ethnomusicology
  12. Conducting
  13. Early music

You can also find other interesting specialisations like music business management, audio technology, music history or DJ arts.

The right music course specialisation can ensure your music talents are harnessed in the right way and is given the right kind of direction and motivation. Start your search for appropriate music courses and specialisations today to take your music career dreams to a successful conclusion.

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