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Movie Counter is a well known torrent site that facilitates the illegal downloading of copyrighted material, such as movies, music videos and television shows. All that is required from users is to visit the Movie Counter website, choose a movie they like, download it to their personal computers then burn the movie using the Movie Counter burner software. This is often referred to as ‘burning the copy’ or ‘leaking the copy’. It usually involves some degree of illegal copying or piracy.

The popularity of this service is attributed to two factors. Firstly, its relatively cheap to join, and many users make money from advertising on the Movie Counter interface. Secondly, many people in India are increasingly becoming aware of the perils of piracy, and increasingly choose to download movies from legitimate sources, such as legally available sites, rather than using these websites. A third, but by no means the most important reason for the growth of Movie Counter in India is that many people in India are also starting to realise that illegal pirating of movies is largely ineffective, and often counterproductive.

Many people, when they are browsing through the countless titles on offer at movie counter. find that some are pirated copies, with some even being copies that have been released illegally through illegal distribution channels. Others are legitimate releases, but due to copy protections or other errors, have been illegally uploaded onto the internet. Legal downloads from reputable sources of films such as Hovi-Pix, Indiaie, Zabu-Pix, or equivalents remain to be the most popular and therefore the most successful downloads from these websites.

The illegal downloading of movies through websites like Movie Counter, also known as the piratical DVD burning websites are proving increasingly ineffective. The large number of DVD’s flooding the market highlights the fact that there is little interest in viewing movies through these illegal means. Consequently, with little effort, most people in India have stopped using this method, and have instead turned to legal alternatives. This has led to a further decline in the number of Hrlm-pirated DVDs being manufactured.

A major contributing factor in the recent decline in demand for pirated versions of movies, is the availability of new releases through online rental companies such as Netflix and Hulu. Many people in India rent their favourite films and television series via these channels, rather than spending large sums of money on buying them from movie shops. In addition to providing new releases with the latest trailers, movie counter services offer full movies in High Definition format, a boon to HD TV owners who may have spent large sums on high-definition TV earlier in the decade.

Another way in which movie counter services have helped reduce the demand for pirated versions of movies is that of the increasing popularity of web series. The popularity of the Indian soap ‘DDLS’ ( Dove’s Daughter Lissa), based on a true story of Bollywood beauties, is a clear example of how web series can gain a large audience for small sums of money. The popularity of the web series has also led to a parallel boom in the industry of outsourcing to India to create similar web series. By outsourcing key episodes or entire seasons to an Indian production house, directors and actors can save a substantial amount of money on producing their shows themselves.

Movie download sites have also been affected by the reduction in demand for pirated versions of movies. One popular example is the new Netflix option which enables customers to access the most updated list of movies available on Netflix immediately. Other big players in the movie download scene such as HMV and Yahoo! have also made their products more accessible through the introduction of membership websites. These websites offer visitors the ability to instantly download movies that are guaranteed to be free of all copyright infringements.

Finally, the ever-increasing number of internet video producers means that there will always be an increasing demand for legitimate Bollywood movie download sites. With illegal websites proliferating at a rate of knots, it is likely that some movie lovers will decide to take matters into their own hands and begin uploading copies of their favorite movies for public consumption. This is why the service of a movie counter becomes essential. If a new film becomes available online at an illegal website, the movie download counter can serve as a strong force in stamping out illegal downloading. As Bollywood prepares itself for its next big campaign, it is clear that the business of downloading copyrighted material will continue to grow.

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