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Blazy Susan Cones are pre-rolled leaves wraps holding delicate pink color. Blazy Susan Cones has earned a prominent name in the industry of cannabis. Will Break ell’s company is known as a producer of Blazy Susan Cones having a quality of slow-burning. The Blazy Susan cones became a brand made in France, that is free of chlorine and GMO-free with the highest Blazy standards. Blazy Susan cones are vegan papers made from wood pulp. These Blazy Susan Cones are packed in a jar of 50 pieces. Each cone’s length is at 98mm along with a built-in filter.

Usage of Blazy Susan Cones:

1.      Toast up one end of the paper.

2.      Roll the filter tip. …

3.      Fill the paper with the material.

4.      Roll it carefully

5.      Finally!! Smoke it

Blazy Susan Cones’ Pros

Blazy Susan Cones have 100% organic material:

Blazy Susan Cones are made of organic natural materials. The rolling papers are dyed even with natural chemicals in according to give them a delicate slight pink color. The subtle pink touch has brightened up the dreary-looking of the ashtray.

Like other common rolling papers, it avoids the elements of hemp and rice paper, which generates an unwanted smell and flavor during the smoking experience.

Blazy Susan Cones have Unique Taste:

The Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers are generated in France. They are generated in a very high observation using high-quality materials like 14.5 GSM wood pulp which imparts high-quality durability and self-stick to the brand. This thing offers people the enjoyment of the smoking experience of slow-burn which provides a subtle smell and unique taste of the flower they are smoking.

Blazy Susan cones are super convenient to use:

The main reason that makes the brand most demanding is its highly easy way of use and enjoyable smoking experience. They are made for every kind of smoker. If you can’t roll a classic joint, you may use a bong or pipe. Those who want to blaze pre-rolled cones are the most convenient way of use. in these little steps you enjoy the blaze of pre-rolled cone .all All you need things are:

1:     Your herb

2:     Clean surface

3:     Grinder

4:      Pre-rolled cones

5:     Pink straws for packing

6:     Lighter

Blazy Susan Cones have a variety of sizes:

They are available from the standard size of 1 ¼ to the king-size rolling papers available on the website. As compared to the other companies this brand sells almost double the number of papers per pack. So on the order of a single booklet; he will get 50 rolling papers instead of the standard 32 per pack. So the user may enjoy the rolling pink joints for several days.

Customers may be provided with other items like filter tips, sampler cones, deluxe kites, etc.

Blazy Susan Cones are available in bulk:

This brand is famous for offering discounts that encourage the customer to buy in bulk. so by purchasing 2 or three items at the same time you may get the advantage of a quality discount.

Blazy Susan cones have the quality of slow-burning:

Will Breakll’s creation, has made a quite prominent name in the cannabis industry. This brand is well known for creating the ability of slow-burning. The pink rolled papers are toxic chemicals-free. They do not burn fast. They provide a unique taste because of the slow-burning process.

Blazy Susan cones are famous internationally:

Some of the well-known brands in the market, impart a terrible aftertaste, look bland, and last for a very short period. On the other hand, the brand Blazy Susan came into the market with its brilliant qualities to solve these kinds of problems. They proved to be a reliable product so, are widely sold both nationwide and internationally like the UK, Canada, and Mexico.

Blazy Susan Cones are made by qualified companies:

Blazy Susan cones are originated from a company that is well known in the field of producing luxury rolling papers at excellent rates. This company is very famous for creating slow-burning pink rolling papers that are chlorine and GMO-free, and hundred percent Vega.

Blazy Susan Cone’s Cons

A Smoother Hit:

With the quality of slow burn, you may experience a smoother hit while smoking your herbs with these wraps.

Sometimes hard to find:

Although they are a better choice for the smoking experience, sometimes they are very hard to available. This situation may be so frustrating to someone.

Blazy Susan cones aren’t original mostly:

Like other unique and versatile products, Blazy Susan Cones are also very expensive. They are out of the reach of common people. So there are far too many fakes out there, so by buying Blazy Susan Cones is sure that you are paying for the real brand.


If the smoker is already high, it can be more of a task! A beginner should always start with hemp and wood pulp papers as they are the thickest materials. Moreover, they burn fast than papers. An expert smoker is generally comfortable with all Cones.

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