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JONATHAN ROSS An Athlete and Model who is making his living

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It is not uncommon for people to want to be models. Modeling is not only financially rewarding but also provides many other benefits for the model; many find the profession exciting and enjoy the variety of experiences while getting to know new cultures and countries and to be part of the fascinating fashion industry.

Jonathan Ross: It has always been difficult for me to socialize and move outside my comfort zone, but even more so when I was a child. Rather than socializing, I devoted myself to sports and academics. My antisocial nature used to bother me, but I hope that’s changed somehow in recent years! As a child, I was always interested in basketball. Due to my passion for basketball since I was a child, I decided to play collegiate basketball in high school.

A new path was presented to me at the beginning of the journey. Despite my own lack of understanding of this path, few of us in my generation are following it today. Right now, there is a sports media epidemic involving athletes splurging thousands to hundreds of dollars on edited sports, trips, and celebrations.

I soon began to love the expression and communication that comes with modeling and started working from there. Increasing numbers of local photographers expressed interest in working with me, expanding my connections further. In addition to modeling for various cloth designers on Instagram. I am now a fashion influencer for multiple clothing and accessory lines.

There won’t be very long before you see social media posts or YouTube videos about high school sports about commitments or official visits. I was most concerned about maximizing not only my athletic career as well as my family’s investment in my college education throughout the entire recruiting process.

The thing I saw was not out of spite, but rather to provide as realistic expectations and goals as possible to other athletes and coaches. So why do schools and some athletes spend so much time, money, and media coverage holding commitment “events” and “visits?”

Now I have started my career as being an ambassador for clothing brands I had to buy an item of clothing and get a discount link and when other people buy clothes and use my link I get a profit of it and so I take pictures in the clothing and get posted on their clothing brand page. It was a great experience for me to become an ambassador for this verified Instagram clothing brand. As a result, I get free clothes every month after applying for a modeling job. In addition to sponsorships, I work with an app called Current. I can upload photos to their social media pages. In my opinion, modeling is all about social media.

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