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Is It a Zebra or Horse? Viral Image Leaves Netizens Scratching Their Heads



When it comes to puzzles, games and optical illusions, social media users are always up to the task. The social media users are now getting confused over an old photo

captured by renowned wildlife photographer and conservationist Beverly Joubert. The photo has started a debate whether zebras or horses have been captured on camera.

While many were confused about what the correct answer is, others have a hilarious take on the situation. Many netizens are unclear as to whether the horses in the photograph were running through the desert or if they were Zebras.

Beverly Joubert shared the picture on Instagram in 2018 with the caption: “Where shadows become the solid form and striped backs are lost in the light.” Although this photo was taken a few years ago, it often trends on social media.

Animals in silhouette, which look like zebras to a few and horses to others, confuse the netizens. The animals are seen walking on a desert.They aren’t, however, horses. When you zoom in or look closely at the photo, you can see that it is not a black animal, but rather a shadow, with zebras moving right next to it.

Zebras are walking in shallow water, and their shadow is falling on it due to sunlight, giving the impression that the shadow is an animal.

Quite recently, another photo, shared by Atlantic CEO Nick Thompson, went viral on Twitter owing to its unique optical illusion. Someone was standing on the ground, and there appeared to be snow everywhere. People, on the other hand, couldn’t distinguish if it was a man walking through the woods or a dog sprinting ahead.

Those who initially saw the photograph concluded it was merely a man wandering through the woods with a fuzzy hood. However, a closer examination revealed that they had made a mistake in their judgement. It was, indeed, a dog running towards the camera.

Nick disclosed on Twitter that the dog was Terri Babers’ black poodle named Bob Marley Sir Pounce A Lot. Nick’s favourite part of the photo was the way the trees changed size as one’s point of view changed.

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