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IPL Betting in India: Why is it so popular?


Sports betting has always been a thrilling experience for all bettors and sports enthusiasts worldwide. The market for online sports betting is growing with each passing day owing to the emergence of numerous virtual sports betting sites. People can now engage in safe betting activities right from the comfort of their houses. These online betting sites offer a variety of sports betting options through secure and reliable payment methods. One such popular sports betting category is the Indian Premier League (IPL) which interests a large number of people in India as well as other countries. 

In India, cricket is one of the most enjoyed and anticipated sports of all time. The fan following for this particular sport is unmatched and has a huge betting demand. People love to participate in betting on various forms of cricket matches. However, the most popular and in-demand format is the Indian Premier League, popularly referred to as the IPL. This is a men’s professional cricket league that is played between 10 teams each representing 10 different cities of the country. Started in the year 2007 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the IPL winner history list has been stem-winding. Due to the unpredicted winning outcomes, more and more people tend to bet in this league and try their luck. 

What are the teams playing in IPL 2022? 

As the most-attended cricket league of all time, last year only 8 teams managed to participate in the tournament i.e. 2021. IPL 2022 is all set to be played between 10 teams each representing different cities of India. Each of these teams represents a city that competes against each other to put up a thrilling game that interests a large number of audiences and bettors worldwide. 

Here are the top 10 teams all set to play in IPL 2022: 

  • Chennai Super Kings (Chennai) 
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (Kolkata) 
  • Rajasthan Royals (Rajasthan) 
  • Mumbai Indians (Mumbai) 
  • Royals Challengers Bangalore (Bangalore) 
  • Delhi Capitals (Delhi) 
  • Lucknow Supergiants (Lucknow) 
  • Gujarat Titans (Gujarat) 
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (Hyderabad) 
  • Kings IV Punjab (Punjab) 

Why IPL is so famous in India? 

Indians are well known for loving gambling and betting activities. Although Hockey is the national sport of India, cricket has a huge fan following across every region in the country. IPL is one such tournament that is not just famous in India but across various countries worldwide. This tournament has renowned players playing from all over the world. This league is a T20 format that usually has a total of 74 matches where each team plays a minimum of 14 matches. 

One of the reasons why IPL has gained immense popularity over the decade is the fun and thrill it brings. Cricket, as well as betting fans, love to watch and follow these tournament matches thus making it a major hit. The revenue generated from this annual league is massive with millions of people buying tickets for the live stadium matches. IPL is a great cricket format that is followed by huge betting and gambling market. Also, new budding talents are recognized and trained for the international cricket format. This is no less than a celebrated league that prompts cricket fans to get glued to their TV screens throughout the tenure of the tournament. 

Benefits of IPL Betting 

Sports betting has gained significant popularity over the past years owing to the ease and convenience offered by the digital medium. People can now engage in online betting with a smartphone in their hands. There are numerous benefits of IPL betting some of which are discussed as follows:

  • Flexible betting options 

One of the primary benefits of IPL betting is the flexibility i.e. you can place bets from anywhere, anytime you want. There is no compulsion of visiting land-based casinos and parlors to place your bets. All you need to do is create an account on an online betting site to get started with your IPL betting journey. 

  • Safe & Secure 

Credibility is an important concern when it comes to any sort of betting activity. Although the virtual medium has facilitated accessibility and convenience, it can be highly risky in terms of credential exploitation. However, in the case of IPL betting, you can rest assured of safety as most of the online sites offer secured payment options and genuine betting options. 

  • Huge earning opportunities 

Being one of the biggest cricket tournaments worldwide, IPL has millions of fans who keenly engage in betting activities. As a cricket or sports lover, you can certainly try your luck and earn big! The betting amounts are huge thus paving way for better money-making opportunities. 

There is numerous cricket betting app that offers a variety of sports betting options that one can engage in. Most of these are genuine and facilitate secure payment options so that people can enjoy a fun and thrilling betting experience. IPL has been one such cricket format that sees huge participation of bettors across the country. Looking at the IPL 2022 Final Players List, it is quite evident that the fun and excitement are going to be humungous. The thrill and startling results of the games make it worthy of betting. Fun88 is one such genuine and reliable betting site that offers a secure and fun betting experience. Earn big, create an account and start betting today!

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