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Installing stands on the roof installation: to use or not to use?


To increase the attractiveness of an establishment, various types of outdoor advertising are used, such as Roll Up personalizado stands. It makes it possible to tell potential visitors about the restaurant, cafe, or hotel. And not just tell, but inform. After all, if a person walks or came to a strange city, and wants to dine, but does not know where to do it, then just here will help outdoor advertising. It is enough to put a sign on the restaurant, so that it was seen by as many people as possible.

But sometimes signage is not enough. Then a rooftop installation, which can be seen many meters away from the institution’s building, comes to the rescue.

Roof installation features

In Spain, not many companies yet use this type of advertising. Just a famous chain of restaurants, a chain of coffee shops and a couple of corporations that install a huge sign with their name on the roofs of multi-storey buildings. And all because the design of such an installation is quite heavy, and installation causes certain difficulties. And not every roof is appropriate to put such a design.

In addition to the complex installation, is worth remembering about the connection, because the roof installation should be lit to attract the attention of people and in the dark. Consequently, will have to take care about the special connection of electricity, and protected from wind and precipitation.

However, such designs have earned popularity in the U.S. and Europe for a reason, because they have their own advantages:

  • The rooftop installation is far visible;
  • This design really demonstrates high efficiency for certain areas of business – hotel, restaurant, fitness, media, etc;
  • Brightness and attractiveness;
  • Status with the right design.

If you use additional methods of outdoor advertising such as the Fly banner – Banderolas Publicitarias, you can attract even more customers. It is important to have the right approach and a well thought-out marketing strategy. Although the roof installation can operate as an independent type of outdoor advertising.

Varieties of represented designs quite a lot in the company BSPROMO. The first thing that comes to mind is either a billboard or illuminated letters. But really it all depends on the customer’s financial possibilities and imagination of the designer. Almost any idea can be embodied, most importantly, that it brought the desired result and was financially justified.

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