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Industries That Need Virtual Office in Atlanta The Most


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have realized they don’t necessarily need a dedicated office suite, on-site employees, and a full-time receptionist to run a successful business. They can avoid expenses, leases, and mortgages by turning to a virtual office in Atlanta

Making this switch also comes with many benefits, including lower head costs and better productivity. But do you know who stands to benefit the most with virtual space? Here is the list of a few industries and businesses that should consider making this switch.

Consultants – Benefits the Most with Virtual Office in Atlanta

The consulting industry requires its employees to be constantly on-call to answer any queries from potential and actual clients. However, there are some times when they won’t be able to give a response immediately. In situations like these, they must hire a virtual receptionist (VR) who doesn’t miss out on these calls and schedule appointments when needed. The virtual offices usually provide this facility where a receptionist will answer the basic questions and direct important calls to employees. 

Many businesses prefer to communicate through emails; however, based on various findings, 57% of the customers prefer to talk with a real person when they face any issue with the product. 

Finance and Real Estate Industry

The professionals from both these industries rarely sit at one place for work. They continuously have to attend the meetings away from their office. They only need a proper space for only a few hours, so virtual office space for rent in Atlanta will be a convenient choice for them. It also offers full-equipped modern conference rooms to meet the clients and the potential customers.

Startups and Entrepreneurs – Benefits the Most with Virtual Office in Atlanta, GA

A virtual space is the best choice for companies that are just starting out their business. They provide them with an office space which is available at cost-effective rates. A professional email address gives them the credibility they need while working from remote locations. It allows them to enjoy the benefits of a live receptionist, a premium address, meeting rooms, and other office facilities that will help them build their brand. 

Marketing Agencies 

In today’s digital era, many businesses opt for a virtual assistant for marketing services. The services include blogging, Facebook ads, Social media campaign, and marketing research. The main focus of the marketing firms is the client deliverables. However, they also need brainstorming sessions with the employees and clients. Usually, the customers have high expectations for their offices, and keeping up with them can quickly add up to the cost. But in the wake of the pandemic, the clients are now more accommodating to this option.

More so, for the clients who prefer face-to-face communications, virtual space providers like Nexus 1201 have a convenient meeting and conference rooms with all the facilities you need for your client interaction. 


From artists, writers, and crafts persons, various digital businesses and freelancers can benefit a lot from virtual offices. Even if you don’t need meeting rooms, they can still help you keep your personal address private, manage your emails, and remove the hassle with admin responsibilities. 

Wrapping up, the virtual office in Atlanta allows you to run business freely, will enable you to work from anywhere, stay in contact with the clients, and grow your business. Moving on, here are some common questions that people ask about using virtual spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit from a virtual office?

A virtual office in Atlanta has excellent benefits for owners and entrepreneurs and has great perks for employees as they don’t have to work long hours in an office environment.

  • Who uses virtual offices? 

Though any business can use a virtual office facility in Atlanta, the ones that get the most benefits include freelancers, startups, small businesses, and companies who want to expand, among other industries.

  • What are the reasons businesses choose virtual offices?

The reasons that companies select virtual spaces to carry out the business activities include:

  • Low overhead cost
  • It cut out the commute time
  • Employees can work remotely from anywhere
  • There will be minimal to no technology cost
  • It improves productivity


  • Is a virtual office worth it?

Virtual offices allow you to reduce your overall operational cost while giving you a professional space. It provides your employee’s flexibility to work remotely from anywhere they want. These are some of the reasons for the popularity of virtual offices. 

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