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Indian Doctor Refuses to Leave Ukraine to Help Evacuate Students, Says ‘I’m Not Stuck’



As Indian nationals stranded in war-torn Ukraine return, a doctor hailing from Kolkata, has decided to stay back to help out students. Dr. Prithwi Raj Ghosh, 37, is a doctor and student consultant in Ukraine, who is helping the evacuation efforts for Indian students in the besieged country, as per an India Today report. Ghosh told the publication that he had already helped evacuate 350 students from Ukraine. They were his students in Kyiv and other coordinators have also requested him to help out other students, especially those stranded in Sumy. “I am not stuck here in Kyiv, I am not leaving by choice,” the report quoted him as saying. Ghosh’s parents are both proud of his heroic deed and scared for his sake.

Ghosh’s father, Pradip, said that his son is like an elder brother to the students in stuck in Ukraine and consider him their guardian. He was proud and said that this was the reason that his son could not leave them behind. His mother, Bratati, said that she prays daily for the safe return of her son as well as the students he has been helping rescue.

Ghosh, however, said that he was only doing his job. While he understood that his parents have cause enough for worry, he could not shun his responsibility. He said that he had promised the students’ parents that he would take care of them. Moreover, he faced the similar crisis in 2013-14 and said that he is now equipped to handle it in a more mature way.

This is not the only story of an Indian national stepping up during the Russia-Ukraine crisis. For instance, an Indian eatery in Kyiv turned into a shelter for Indian students as well as Ukrainian nationals amid Russian invasion. The Times of India reported that the owner has given shelter to at least 70 people since the attack began. “Saathiya” restaurant owner Manish Dave said that the restaurant has become a bomb shelter of sorts as it is situated in the basement of Chokolivs’kyi Boulevard. Ukrainian nationals have also been flocking to the restaurant in hope of shelter, Dave said, adding that he has been providing food for everyone. Before war broke out, Saathiya restaurant in Ukraine was a popular haunt among Indian students in the country.

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