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Indian Bride’s Quirky Contract Goes Viral



People try their best to make marriage the most unique moment in their lives. With the advent of social media, it has almost become the new normal to post-romantic, hilarious, and sometimes bizarre pictures or videos coming out of a wedding in order to make it stand out from the rest. A new video has emerged which shows a bride who has made a written contract for all the things she wants her husband to do after marriage. The bride can be seen carrying an envelope with the word “Confidential” printed on it in the footage. The bride removes a contract paper titled ‘Love agreement between Karan and Harshu’ from it.

The person, who is behind the camera asks the bride to read out the clauses in the contract, which she does eventually. The clauses that the groom has to agree to are

  • Promise to sound always this bad in their karaoke nights together
  • Promise to never to reveal any spoilers of the TV show S.W.A.T that the bride watches
  • Promise to never eat butter boneless chicken all by himself without sharing with the bride
  • Promise to say ‘I love you’ at least three times a day
  • Promise that our ‘Teri Kasam’ will always be a legitimate foundation of trust and no matter what we’ll never break it
  • Promise to love, pamper, respect and treasure each other till death do us apart

It is certainly a one-of-a-kind agreement and is surely done all in good humour. The video has amassed 23,180 like ever since it was posted on February 20 and has amused netizens. While one user jokingly said he would make sure everything in the contract is followed, other comments simply said ‘too cute’. Another user added a dash of humour asking whether this is a marriage or a Swiggy delivery order.

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