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In Viral Picture, Dog Creates Optical Illusion That Will Spin Your Head



A photo, tweeted by Atlantic CEO Nick Thompson, has gone viral on Twitter due to its complex optical illusion. There seemed to be snow everywhere, and someone was standing on the ground. People, on the other hand, couldn’t tell if it was a man strolling into the woods or a puppy running forward.

Those who first saw the image assumed it was just a man with a fuzzy hood walking through the woods. However, upon deeper examination, they discovered that there was an error in their judgment. It was a dog rushing towards the camera.

Nick revealed on Twitter that the dog was a black poodle named Bob Marley Sir Pounce A Lot who belonged to Terri Babers. The way the trees changed size as one’s viewpoint altered was Nick’s favourite part of the shot.

Take a look at the fascinating image below!

Without a doubt, the image took a lot of people by surprise. Netizens were either arguing the illusion or explaining how their vision was faulty.

One Twitter user shared a straightforward yet sensible answer. The image simply demonstrated people’s ability to shift their perspective by pausing and focusing on something else. This is a wonderful skill to practise in everyday settings.

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