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How to Submit Free PR and Save a Fortune on Press Release Distribution?


The marketing industry is vast and the most popular marketing tool around the world is a press release. Press releases are not like traditional advertising. They are much more direct and effective at gaining the trust of the target audience. Most businesses around the world issue press release to spread the news about their company into the world. The best thing about a press release is that it is highly inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. You can even issue a press release for free if you know the right ways. Here are some ways to get your PR out into the world free of cost:

  1. Employ a free PR agency 

Press releases need to be distributed to major media outlets to reach the right group of audience. Professional PR agencies distribute press releases to plenty of media outlets and websites. While most of them offer paid services some offer free PR submission as well. You do not have to spend a single dollar to get your story covered by top media outlets with their services. But you must be careful while choosing a free PR company for your brand. Most of the free PR companies are full of ads and do not deliver what they promise. But still, there are good ones, you just have to find them to submit free PR. Go for the one that offers both free and paid services and has a good reputation in the market.

  1. Write your own PR

PR writing is one of the most important aspects of press release issuing. Press release writing can cost you money. But if you do not want to spend a single buck on your PR, you have to write it by yourself. The pattern of a press release is quite different than other types of content. You need to follow some rules and a particular structure to craft an effective press release. Research about PR writing and your industry before writing the PR. Learn from the PRs issued by your competitors to get an idea of what works or doesn’t work in the market.

  1. Find the ideal media outlets on your own

Professional PR companies have a list of the most popular media outlets in every specific industry. If you are thinking about distributing your own PR to save money, you need to create a list of your own as well. Research your industry and find out which media outlets specialize in covering your type of brand. Find out whether they are regularly visited by your target audience. Find out the contact details of the journalists working there to approach them.

  1. Do the distribution by yourself

Distributing your own PR will not cost you any money. After you have the contact details of the journalists you want to approach, write a killer pitch to send them. You must approach them through email. Make your pitch as humane as possible. Make sure to greet them by their names. Tell them you are familiar with the type of content they publish. Explain how your story fits with their publication and is relevant to their readers. If you can impress them with your pitch, they will definitely go through your PR. After that, you can hope to get published as there is no guarantee of placement, unlike professional PR agencies.

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